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Laugh Riot

I just finished watching the opening of Saturday Night Live with a phony Tom Brokaw introducing a phony Osama Bin Laden, who then proceeded on an in-depth analysis of the campaign.  The skit has been like most SNL skits this year, making fun of both candidates equally. They also took stabs at the Demonazi vote fraud, er Voter Registration, event, with Osama saying how heís registered to vote in Cincinnati.  Osama also said he was visited regularly but Michael Moore, but canít believe half the things he says!  He also made fun of the President, in balance to the Kerry nips.  They also had Osama rip SNL itself for the Ashlee Simpson lip-synching incident.  I must admit I watched and wondered, if on the last show before election, SNL would go left-wing.  No, they did not.  They kept neutral.  Gosh, maybe Tina Fey should be put in charge of the NBC News division!

First of all, we, the GOP-ers can handle good-natured fun.  SNL proved its good nature by being even-handed.  I applaud Tina Fey and her crew.  I donít know her political affiliation.  If she is a liberal, she is going into Liberals with Integrity.  If not, then she may get an invite to join our staff, which sheíll naturally refuse.  In any event, Saturday Night Live deserves our applause.  Fairness to conservatives on Network TV is rare.  It must be lauded whenever seen!