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Democratic Train Wreck

We are witnessing something that is truly amazing for us.  We conservatives have wanted to see this for the longest time.  The Democratic Party is in the midst of a train wreck.  Their leaders are incoherent and don’t listen to their political analysts.  They have no power and not even any real influence.  And they hate it.  The Democratic party is a vampire, screaming as George W. "Van Helsing" Bush drives the stake into its heart.

A short while ago, The Senate confirmed Judge Sam Alito to the Supreme CourtJustice Alito got 58 votes.  While it is true that he deserved 100 votes, that would never happen while the minority party is beholden to an increasingly vicious and immature Internet constituency that complements its viciousness with extremism, just like the Nazis, their intellectual and ideological forebears.  Those neo-fascist ultra-leftists on blogs like Daily Kos forced the New York Times to write an editorial demanding a filibuster.  That filibuster was organized by the two most leftist members of the Senate.  The extremist base of the Democrats showed up yesterday to attempt to intimidate Democratic senators into voting against cloture.  They failed.  How illustrative of the train wreck.

"As Cicero advises, ’When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.’  So Sam Alito, as he prayed the Senate to confirm him, was abused."

The liberals had no choice, I guess.  They have no ideas.  As Cicero advises, "When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff."  So Sam Alito, as he prayed the Senate to confirm him, was abused.  He became a vicious, partisan, racist lying pig, who glefully strip-searches ten-year-old girls as he plans to enslave the American people to big business and make the President a king.  And the liberals wonder why the people think they are full of dung.  Even Robert Byrd, a Klansman for goodness’ sake, strongly chided his fellow senators, and then voted against cloture and for confirmation.  Now understand that Mr. Byrd is a liberal.  But he is also a political realist, whose savvy is made manifest by the mere fact that he is 88 and still in the Senate.

Now, the liberals have wasted their filibuster threat.  The filibuster was quashed and the left has been shown to the people to be just as impotent as Rush Limbaugh has been correctly noting since 2002.  The GOP, save for a few conservatives with spines, has been cowering before the Left, to one degree or another, since Newt Gingrich left the House.  Ya think that they’re finally going to realize that they won the election?  I do!  I know that Arlen Specter finally grew a set of cajones.  The next Supreme Court nominee will find it easier going.  God willing, after confirmation, Justice Janice Rogers Brown will take over from Justice Stevens by the First Monday of October.

The liberals are being driven by extremists.  The Blogs, Ralph Neas, Nan Aron and others drive the agenda.  Most have a single-item agenda.  These groups are enraged to be affiliated with a powerless party.  They want the Left to be in absolute control of the Congress, the White House and the courts.  They feel that their ideas are superior, and cannot countenance that those ideas have been rejected by the people.  Each single-item faction demands absolute fealty from the party leadership.  The Democratic leaders are in a corner.  Hillary Clinton wants to run for President in 2008.  However, every time she does anything that may be considered a symbolic move away from the far Left, she is roundly excoriated by the Daily Kos types.  If she dares to voice even a peep of anything less than total disdain for the war, protests erupt.  If she tries to voice anything short of jubliant glee over abortion, protests erupt.

"The country is moving to the right.  The Left’s response is to move further to the Left.  Is it any wonder that they are losing seats everywhere?"

The country is moving to the right.  The Left’s response is to move further to the Left.  Is it any wonder that they are losing seats everywhere?  The only Democrats who win are either in "ultra-blue" states like New Jersey’s governor (replacing a Democrat), or are moderates who stay well away from the extremist base, like Virginia’s governor (also replacing a Democrat).  In Ohio, George Soros poured in metric tons of money to try to bamboozle the people into passing a series of "reforms" that would make it easier to steal the state’s presidential electors in 2008.  These ballot initatives were all trounced.  The "train wreck" Democratic party is losing control over a Rust Belt state in Ohio.  Illinois, recovering from a shameful GOP scandal, is starting to recover from a backlash.  It’s a safe bet that the next Governor of Illinois will be GOP.  With the right candidate, Dickie Durbin can be ejected from the Senate this year.

And now the courts, the last bastion of state-imposed unpopular policy, are now getting a top-down reform.  Justices Stevens and Ginsburg will be out soon, definitely before our President is out of office.  Sadly, Justice Ginsburg is in ill health and is in her 70s.  Justice Stevens is going to be 86 on April 20.  We’ve shown that we can either nuke or put down any filibuster.  So the Left is now frustrated yet again.

The train wreck continues.  Howard Dean appears to have spent nearly all of the Democrats’ national war chest.  They have less than one sixth the GOP’s reserves in an important election year.  How important?  What if the GOP raises its Senate caucus to 60?  Then filibusters are impossible unless there is a GOP turncoat.  The Democrats are running out of money not only because Dr. Dean is spending it madly, but also because they are not getting as much donated to them.  This is to be expected; the Democrats lack influence to sell (to argue that campaign contributions are not intended to buy influence is simply naïve).

"Can the Democrats stop the Oblivion Express before it reaches the giant canyon where the bridge is out?"

Can the Democrats stop the Oblivion Express before it reaches the giant canyon where the bridge is out (Let’s just pile on the metaphors!)?  I don’t know how at this point.  The moonbats are running the show, and they live in a dream world where they think that they are going to win if they just move further to the Left!  It’s not 1974 anymore.  Unless the Democrats moderate their absurdity and move significantly away from the extreme Left, they are doomed.  How we react to the demise of the Democrats will be our test.  We can become neither complacent nor greedy.  The approval of the people is a precious and sacred thing.  Political power is a special privilege granted by the plebiscite, not a right.  If we stick to our ideals, and keep intellectually sharp, we’re going to succeed in power.

All we need to do is stay clear of the train wreck