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Left Wing Media Sources: Extremists!

The UK Guardian Unlimited, a British website, published a report by Julia Day.  In this report, Ms. Day relates the events of a conference, which concluded that American mainstream media had lost its credibility.  So far, so good.  I would agree with that premise.  But then, the conference was revealed to be a moonbat festival.  The American media was accused of being a "cheerleader" for the war in Iraq.  The conference concluded that Arabic language media, such as -- get this -- Al-Jazeera (the organizer of the conference), would be the pre-eminent and most credible sources of worldwide news.  One of the conference participants, and a major quoted source in Ms. Dayís article, was Amy Goodman.  She is the executive producer of Democracy Now!,  the pre-eminent show on the cable / satellite leftist channel, Free Speech TV (FSTV).  See Article here.

Think that Democracy Now! isnít extremist?  Here is a headline from their home page at 11:49AM on Feb. 3, 2006:

Democracy Now! in Doha...The Story Behind the Other Downing Street Memo Where Bush Told Blair He Wanted to Bomb Al Jazeera

We donít even see a need to comment on the notion that Al-Jazeera, a TV network that is tantamount to the public-relations firm for Al-Qaeda, isnít extremist.  You know, I wasnít going to post a link to this tripe.  Iíve rethought that.  See how extremist Goodman is for yourself: -- have a barf bag at the ready.

As to Goodmanís remark that American mainstream cheerleads for the Iraq war, I would ask Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, Chris Matthews, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite (who gets a hell of a lot of press considering that he retired decades ago), Clarence Page, Steve Chapman, the entire staff of the Washington Post, the entire staff of the New York Times, CBS News, Mary Mapes, etc. etc. etc.  Is it now "cheerleading" the war if one does not viciously slam our president as the first, last and only story of every issue of every paper and every segment of every broadcast?  The media created Cindy Sheehan as a celebrity for the sole purpose of painting the war as morally wrong.

Furthermore, to suggest that Al-Jazeera would be reliable in any way is patently ridiculous!  "It was Al-Jazeera (not USA foreign policies) that created a strong anti-American sentiment throughout the Arab world. It was Al Jazeera that justified the suicide bombers of the second Intifada and popularized the notion that a suicide bomber is a hero. It was Al Jazeera that hailed the Taliban as victims of an international conspiracy. It was Al Jazeera that spread the rumours about the Jews (not the Arabs) being responsible for September 11. It was Al Jazeera that spread the rumour that Osama bin Laden was innocent (e.g., that the video in which he talks about the attacks is a forge). It was Al Jazeera that kept referring to the Israelis and then to the USA in Iraq as "occupying forces", thus implying that anyone fighting them is a good person. It is Al Jazeera that defends all Arab regimes, depicting them as basically perfect."  Thanks to for this wonderful summary.  I could not ever have said it better.

At least Maureen Dowd hasnít alleged that Osama is innocent and the Jews engineered 9/11 -- yet.