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Cartoon Scandal, Security Council and Nuclear War

I learn something new every day.  Today I learned that the U.N. Security Council will next be chaired by the Danish representative.  Iran and Syria are being hauled up in front of the Security Council.  Is it a coincidence that, after several months, Denmark is being blasted by Muslims worldwide?  Is there a connection?

Let’s explore.  It is practically a given that Denmark’s representative will control the flow of any Security Council inquiry.  Right now, in Iran, Syria and elsewhere, Danish flags are being burned and extremist clerics are declaring "jihad" on Denmark.  Are the clerics trying to buy intimidation points to keep Iran’s nuke program from being condemned?  Are the clerics trying to discredit the Security Council to other Muslims in advance of an anticipated adverse ruling, by making that ruling look like a vengeful Danish vendetta?  The only answer to both questions, based on what we now know, is "maybe."

Another option is that the Muslim extremists are trying to terrorize the world.  The theory is that they are overreacting and going to war over the drop of a hat in order to make everyone fear suicide bombers unless they suck up to their extreme demands, which will, once this kind of terrorism is in any way sated, continue to become more extreme.

"People who will die with a smile to blow up some (Muslim) wedding guests in Jordan won’t think twice about nuking Tel Aviv or Madrid or New York."

We’ve previously discussed the spectre of Muslim extremists controlling weapons of mass destruction.  They appear to have no self-preservation interest.  People who will die with a smile to blow up some (Muslim) wedding guests in Jordan won’t think twice about nuking Tel Aviv or Madrid or New York.  Therefore, we have to act to stop Iran from developing nukes, even if it means all-out war, even if we have to release nuclear weapons to do so.  These extremists lack any semblance of what we’d call rational.  Therefore, we cannot act as if they will act rationally.  There’s no guarantee of that.  There is, in fact a low likelihood of rational behavior from terrorists.

We therefore must act decisively, and in a manner that, were we speaking of England or some other civilized country, would be considered irrational.  These people hate us for who we are.  They want us either dead or converted to radical Islam, preferably the former.  They’ll die to the last person to accomplish this.  The last time the world faced this was in 1945 in Japan, where the country was preparing for a fight to the last person.  Even women and children were planning to booby trap their homes and to make the capture of the Japanese mainland the bloodiest war in history.  Our generals thought we could lose a million soldiers in the fight.  That fear drove us to drop the only two atomic weapons ever used in war.

This situation is more dire.  Japan immediately surrendered when they realized that we could level them with a few high-level plane flights.  We could have exterminated all life there with minimal casualties.  Their reason kicked in and they gave up.  If Iran starts to refine U-235 or plutonium and starts to construct a device, we have to bomb them.  Since their factories are underground, only a nuclear blast will effectively end the program.  Will Iranians see reason before we have to nuke them?  Or will they go into a massive new level of Jihad, forcing us to level the country?  If that comes close, expect the Chinese to come to Iran’s aid, in order to keep their oil.  Frankly, however, I would welcome the Chinese coming in and conquering Iran for us.  Chinese Communism is better than Islamic terrorism in that Chinese leaders have a healthy, even overdeveloped, self-preservation interest.

Enough pipe-dreaming.  We’re going to have to surf the razor blade.  If the GOP is in power in 2006 (a safe bet), we must open up every single U.S. oil reserve, and also set up massive incentives to convert all American electricty generation to Nuclear.  Whatever it takes to untether us from Middle Eastern oil.  Then, except for Israel and Iraq, abandon the region.  Let the Chinese get their oil from there.  Heck, we can convert the used cooking oil from McDonalds restaurants into Diesel fuel with a little ethanol and lye, and cut our demand for that fuel in half and charge less for the fuel (about $1.00 per gallon) and make the environmental wackos jump for joy since that fuel burns cleaner!

"Why do all of this oil-related conservation and conversion?  To untether us from Iran so we can negotiate without a major adverse impact on our self-interest."

Why do all of this oil-related conservation and conversion?  To untether us from Iran so we can negotiate without a major adverse impact on our self-interest.  Oil is our achilles heel in dealing with Mexico, Venezuela, Russia and the Middle East.  Unless we decide that we want to empire-build in this hemisphere and send the army to take Mexico and Venezuela as American possessions, we have to be circumspect in dealing with the Venezulean wacko and the Mexican who hands out illegal immigration instruction books.  We need freedom to deal with these thugs.

And we cannot let some wackos trying to intimidate the world over some cartoons have any say over it.