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Told Ya!

Seems that Saddam had those WMD’s that the extreme Left said he didn’t.  Says who?  Says Saddam!  Mr. Hussein’s taped plans to use those WMDs on the United States of America recently became public.  They’re corroborated by current Iraqi defense minister Georges Sada.  He says the WMDs are now in Syria and were flown there in 2002 by Saddam under the pretense of a humanitarian relief mission.  Read article here.  The New York Sun has reported that Congress got these intercepts.  Others report that Saddam’s voice has been authrnticated and the tapes date well after 9/11.

"Told ya!"  This should be President Bush’s refrain, but he has too much class to engage in such talk.  So we’ll do the talking.  Of course, the extreme left is discounting this smoking-gun evidence as garbage, and still maintains that all WMDs were destroyed in 1991, something that Hans Blix, the UN inspector, does not even believe.  So, of course, the mainstream media will ignore this.  Or maybe not!

Matt Drudge is reporting that ABC News will play these tapes tonight, including the portions where Saddam discusses attacking us with his allegedly-destroyed WMDs.  Of course, in the leftists’ world, this means that the war was unjustified.  I could go on about the $25,000 reward to the families of suicide bombers that murdered Israelis, or the fact that Abu Nadal, the premier terrorist in the world right up until he was killed, lived in Baghdad, or about the terrorist training camp in Salman Pak, or about al-Zarqawi, of Al Qaeda operating in Iraq as we speak.  But those on the left have no means to assess any fact logically or neutrally.

Told ya!