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Mainstream Media Implosion Not Lost on Main Street

Hugh Hewitt wrote today about his feeling that the mainstream media has experienced "spontaneous combustion" over the Cheney birdshot accident.  I couldnít agree more.   The reason is not that I was wowed by ughís words (I was), not because the media has acted horrendously (they have), but because I heard normal people today speaking of the incident and the press.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a captive of a socialist blue state.  I live in the Chicago metro area, in a state that elected both Dickie "our troops are like Nazis" Durbin and Barack "Let me see how I can stab John McCain in the back" Obama to the Senate.  Chicago is a left-wing haven.  Itís the home base of Jesse Jackson, Senior and Junior.  And, as anyone in the city with the surname "Daley" can tell you, itís an Irish bastion.  And a Democrat bastion.  Letís just say that there arenít too many Irish Republicans in my neck of the woods.

Well, today, I ate at an Irish restaurant near my offices.  It used to be a non-Irish place, but the new owners are from Ireland and have rejuvenated the restaurant into a hot spot.  I was eating alone, and I overheard some patrons discussing the incident.  Here are some quotes:

"Why canít CNN leave the poor guy alone?  Hunting Accidents happen!"

"Them reporters are makiní a mountain out of a molehill."

"Screw íem.  They hate Bush.  Dick Cheney canít wipe his @ss without some wacko reporter sayiní heís evil!"

"I donít like Cheney but I feel sorry for the guy!"

"I saw Cheney on the Republican channel.  I thought he was honest."

Normal Democrat voters are getting sick and tired of these shenanigans.  If they keep up this way, we will have boat loads of "Rice Democrats" in 2008 the same way we had Reagan Democrats in 1980-84.  The extremie leftists who are the core of the Democratic party are alienating their rank and file, and their press arm, a/k/a the mainstream media, is helping them accomplish this dubious task.

I said that the media is losing it.  Main Street has wised up to the main stream.