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Michelle Malkin

The blogosphere, of which Conservativity is a part, are the death of the mainstream media, or at a minimum, the death of its extreme leftism holding a monopoly on published thought.  On the Right, blogs are truly a motivating and influential force.  Blogs unraveled Memogate.  Blogs got Harriet Miers replaced with Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court, and in the process, defanged the leftist filibuster threat.  Blogs have empowered conservatives, and provided the vital antipropaganda needed to show the masses that conservatism is neither a criminal act nor a mental disorder.  And, of all the people on Earth, Michelle Malkin is the main reason that blogs are so influential among the ranks of conservatives.  For this reason, and those that follow below, we proudly induct Michelle Malkin into our Hall of Fame.

Michelle Malkin is unique.  Other conservative pundits write newspaper columns, just as Michelle does.  Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt and Bill OíReilly come immediately to mind.  Mr. Hewitt also runs a blog.  Rush Limbaughís website, although massively popular, is more a web-based synopsis of his show (this is not meant to detract from the showís, or the siteís magnificence).  Other conservatives write books, just as Michelle does:  Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Rush.  Michelle tackles the tough topics.  Examples: The internment of Japanese Americans during WW II and the insane violence of the modern-day left wing.

Notwithstanding Michelleís success, she still takes the time to write Americaís most popular blog.  Not just the most popular conservative blog in America, the most popular blog.  Period.  Itís in the top 5,000 web sites in the entire world.  Think that ranking in the top 5,000 is no big deal?  Among the over 150,000,000 web sites on Earth, it means that is more popular than 99.967% of all web sites on Earth.  Being in the top 0.034% ainít too shabby.  Remember that Michelle carefully researches numerous news stories, and posts several times per day.  She gets no money from her blog; she does this for love of the news and for the love of us conservatives.  She is much more productive than Conservativity.  I envy her industry, which she manages while raising two small children, guest speaking at universities, and writing both weekly newspaper columns and best-selling books.

"Michelle Malkin is also our watchdog over the extremist left.  She tends to lock on to hot-button issues that the mainstream media bypasses."

Michelle Malkin is also our watchdog over the extremist left.  She tends to lock on to hot-button issues that the mainstream media bypasses.  For example, she has been in front of the Mohammed Cartoon extortion.  She worked assiduously to focus attention on the misdirection of over $875,000 in federal funds earmarked for kids and seniors to the liberal Air America radio network.  She brought rightly-deserved shame upon the Democrat racists who pelted Marylandís black Lt. Gov Michael Steele with Oreo cookies, called him "sambo" and altered digital pictures of the man to appear as if he was a blackface minstrel.  She has bravely withstood a merciless assault of unspeakable racial and sexual epithets from the left.  And she only gets stronger from day to day.  Her site is so influential that extremist Muslims recently launched a full-blown foreign-based denial of service attack on, threatening to keep it up until she takes down the cartoons.

Michelle Malkin is one of American conservatismís most influential voices, second only to Rush Limbaugh.  She is regularly called upon by other pundits to give background on the issues she adopts.  And she is despised by the Left, who she fearlessly calls on their Unhinged behavior.  They call her a racist, even though she is herself of Asian ancestry, for approving of FDR (who last time I checked, was a Democrat) and his decision to intern Japanese Americans in WW II.  She made her case in writing in a best-selling book.  She was treated to an email barrage of obscenity-laden, brutish, sexually-abusive email threats and hate missives.  Did she quit?  Nope.  She simply cataloged these and all of the abuse on the left into another Best-Selling book, Unhinged.  I have read that book, which is both excellent and disturbing.  Excellently written, excellently researched, disturbing to think that there are actually people in America who act as the book shows.

There are reasons why America is becoming more conservative with each passing day.  The common sense of conservatism is catching on.  And Michelle Malkin is a major reason why.

Michelleís industry, her bravery, her class, her family values, her intellect, her conservative ideals.  She is the total package, folks!  As if you didnít already know.