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The Price of Freedom of Speech

Michelle Malkin has strongly advocated freedom of expression.  She has published the cartoons that depict the Islamic prophet on the principle of freedom.  For her tireless efforts to protect our freedoms, we inducted her into our Hall of Fame.  In retaliation, extremist Muslims have repeatedly attacked Michelleís site.  In fact, today, her site was down all morning from another denial-of-service attack.

This proves my point about the UAE port deal that I made earlier today in my open letter to President Bush.  If these people will stop at nothing to kill and attack over a series of cartoons, what will they do with an inside link to our security?  These people carry picket signs that say, and this is not a joke, "Freedom of expression is Terrorism."  They believe that they have the right to order you to be silent if they donít agree with what you say.  The only way to protect ourselves is to protect ourselves.

I think that we all need to help Michelle to establish a series of mirror sites to protect her blog from such evil and senseless attacks.