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Leftist Electoral Mischief

Several states are considering legislation that will give all of their presidential electors to the person who wins the popular vote nationally.  This legislation is an end-around attempt to invalidate the Electoral College.  Although they cloak such nonsense in the notion that it is designed to ensure that the popular vote winner wins the Oval Office, itís an attempt by the Left to make it so that the Democrats can win the Oval Office by disenfranchising the smaller states, which tend to vote GOP.

Weíve previously discussed the electoral college and why it is important to leave it largely undisturbed.  The States have rights that the college protects.  There is an extremely intricate system of checks and balances that protect our rights, and the electoral college is an important part of that system.  Democracy is mob rule.  We live in a Republic, and the day we forego that is the day that the minority loses all rights.

Addressing this specific legislation, imagine this scenario:  Democrat H runs against GOP candidate John and ekes out a popular win. Texas voted for J 60-40%.  But its electors are forced to vote for H because of this stupid law.  All of them.  Or imagine that H runs aainst Republican C for the Presidency, and C wins big in the popular vote.  But California voted for H, 55-45%.  Yet C gets all of the electors for California despite losing that state.  The end result is to disenfranchise the states -- completely.

This idea completely defeats the electoral college.  Itís unconstitutional.  Itís stupid.  And no matter how much the liberals who back this make it sound like it achieves justice, it does the opposite.  Candidates will pander to the urban areas only, and the rurals in America will be left out in the cold.  If North Dakota enacts this, and then votes GOP, but a Democrat ekes out the popular win, too bad, their electors must vote against their own state.

Again, we support either one of two scenarios:

  1. Leave it alone; or
  2. Amend the Constitution so that the "senate" electors of a state go to the stateís popular winner, and the "house" electors are proportionately split based on the popular vote of that state.  Single-house-elector states vote with the people of the state, as do two-house-elector states. 

Anything else breeds corruption of the power of the people and the proponents of this insanity are well aware of this.