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They Day the Tide Turned

It happened last week.  The tide turned.  The lies of the extreme Left, and the conscious, conspicuous help that they have gotten from the mainstream media was laid out -- on a leftist media outlet.  How did this happen?  One brave, brainy, beautiful, bodacious babe:  Laura Ingraham.  She was interviewed on the Today Show, and promptly took it to them on their Iraq war coverage.  Since that interview, countless liberal mouthpieces, from Chris Matthews to James Carville to Keith Olbermann to the entire on-air staff of CNN, have relentlessly attacked Laura.  Their defensive reaction is the first symptom of the end of the anti-Conservative tirade that has been the Leftist media, more or less uninterrupted, since Ronald Reagan.

Some background:  Laura recently spent a week in Iraq.  Not in a safety-patrolled Baghdad hotel sending runners to gather all of the bad news they could locate, but in the field, with our own troops.  She saw, firsthand, all of the good things in Iraq, and promptly reported these things, in real time, on her syndicated radio show.  David Gregory and Jim Carville tried to team-up on Laura; this was a bad idea.  Gregory asked a loaded question:  "Is the problem for this president and top administration officials that the public doesnít believe what they say anymore?"  Laura let rip.  Her response, made only on March 21, 2006, is already the stuff of legend.  She encouraged companies with the resources of NBC to actually go out into Iraq and see for themselves what troops say when they come home:  Itís not perfect, but many, many good things are happening in Iraq.  She said that the media needed to get off their hotel balconies in the green zone and report the truth.  Gregory immediately let his bias show when he sarcastically asked if Iraq were "safe enough" for this.  Laura responded that she had just done so.  She tried to continue, but he cut her off from making, as he called, her "anti-network point."

The leftist blogs immediately started a vicious attack on Laura Ingraham, a true sign of her success if there ever were one.  Comments came in on her haircut.  Of course, the ignorami making those remarks either did not know or did not care that, last Summer, Laura was fighting cancer and underwent chemotherapy.  They could not respond to the intellectual soundness of her remarks, so they resorted to their typical attack of first resort:  immature personal attacks. 

Laura, of course, immediately featured her interview on her nationally-syndicated talk radio broadcast.  Her audience, growing into the five million range, is still however, smaller than that of Today.  The firestorm that followed showed just how mortified the leftist media is at their exposure.  Chris Matthews criticized her for a flying in and out, even though she stayed a full week and went into the most dangerous areas of the country to talk to the soldiers.  Keith Olbermann ranted that Laura espoused the "shoot the messenger" philosophy.  As I write this, others continue to attack Laura for speaking the truth.  Example:  Huffington Post quoted an alleged singly infantryman in Iraq as saying that all of the good news stories (I have yet to see three) are "bullsh*t."

Ignore the myopia of this one alleged soldier (after Dan Rather, I want proof).  If there are 1,000 good stories in Iraq, and 4 bad ones, why do the news outlets lead with the four bad ones, and give zero coverage to the 1,000 good ones?  Bad news may sell, but patriotism sold damned well in World War II, where they reported the good news and downplayed the bad.  I am asking for neither.  I just want balance.  If the news in iraq is 70% good, then the news outlets, in order to fairly discharge their obligation to the people, should report 70% good news.  But thsat would help our President, so that would never happen.  To those who would say that the media is neutral, answer me why David Gregory and James Carville ganged up to try to shut Laura up on Today

Ann Coulter weighed in on Wednesday with her best column in two years.  She picks up and joins Laura in a continuing effort to expose the idiotic mission of the media to destroy President Bush and the GOP.  Newsbusters has extensively covered the flap.  Rush, and the rest of the conservative planet, loudly applauded our Presidentís "steel cajones" news conference this week.  Today, in desperation, led their March 22 news coverage with one good Iraq story.  Whoa!  Someone call the paramedics to defibrillate me!

The Left responds defensively to every challenge of their self-declared supreme correctness in all matters of thought and conscience.  Now theyíre doing it in front of millions, and weíre getting even more press for our position.  Laura Ingraham sent the press over the edge to join the rest of the Left in moonbat-land.  A senior VP at ABC news wrote an email of how our President makes him "sick," it of course gets feature time on Drudge, and his 10,000,000+ readers see it.

The tide turned this week.  As the economy roars and joblessness falls and the desperate terrorists in Iraq continue to fail, the end is coming for the Left.  Two weeks ago, they were still confidently, but foolishly, predicting massive gains in 2006 and 2008.  Now they spend time attacking the (damned good looking) physical appearance of a cancer survivor who, just after her recovery, got up and went to Iraq and saw the truth for herself.  Or, they accuse her of shooting the messenger and try their best to make her truth look like lies.  As they do so, they call every Iraq veteran who comes back a liar, for these heroes, almost to a one, tell the same story as Laura Ingraham.  The tide has turned, and the pressí tongue will dig its grave.