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Today's Media: Leftist Propaganda.

If you read the news, the United States is fighting an immoral and losing battle against terrorism, and in fact is breeding more terrorism, even though we’ve not been attacked in America since 9/11. The media says we’re fighting an immoral and losing battle in Iraq, even though Saddam is in jail, our casualties drop each and every week, Iraq’s new government is stabilizing, and Zarqawi is on the run and about to be captured or killed.  Remember the media told us about an Iraqi civil war?  That’s old and, ahem, "inaccurate" news.  The media tells us that the economy is horrible, as the Dow is now higher than when Bill Clinton left office, and within a couple of weeks of moving into record terrority, unemployment is extremely low, and economic growth is, by any objective measurement, tremendous.  The media tells us that we are on the edge of an "immigration rights" battle that the Right will lose, but the polls strongly support the Sensenbrenner get-tough approach to protecting our security.  The media finally tells us that the people are fed up with the GOP, and that the Democrats will resurge to power in both houses of Congress in 2006, even though Ken Blackwell trounced the daylights out of his opponent in Ohio.

The media shows its extreme leftist bias in its sad-sack propagandism.  The left is dispirited, because it is watching its remaining power evaporate.  Its prospects for regaining such power diminish more with each passing day.  Ohio has just become a GOP state, meaning that the Democrats have to flip three smaller GOP states to have a prayer in 2008.  George Allen of Virginia is stepping up to the limelight. Mr. Allen is a true big-tent Reagan Republican.  Combine him with Condi Rice, and no matter which one is at the top of the ticket, the GOP wins in 2008 with numbers reminiscent of Reagan-Mondale 1984.  The media, full of leftists who bemoan every conservative ideal, is aghast at the temerity of the people, and their decision to vacate their failed ideology and programs in favor of the time-tested and wildly successful tenets of conservatism.  Their only solution is to spin every story on their wishful thinking.  Whether it is a conscious thing or not, the media are actively propagandizing for the Socialist/Democratic party establishment that they adore and love and want to seize total power.

Look at the pass that everyone on the left who wrongs gets:  Cynthia McKinney commits an aggravated battery upon a Capitol Policeman who is there to protect her and she is cast as a victim of racism.  Congressman Kennedy of Rhode Island, under the influence of something hits a concrete barrier and the policemen on the scene are ordered to give him a pass -- the story only broke because someone with a conscience heard about this.  And now, he gets to go off into "rehab" without even the formality of being booked and getting a dismissal deal.  But Rush Limbaugh, the case against whom was weak at best, was made to be booked and mugshotted.  The media will never, ever, admit that one of their own is capable of doing anything wrong.  If they could get away with it, they would airbrush halos onto Reid and Pelosi and Hillary and all leftists, and would, as they previously did with Condi Rice, attempt to airbrush evil atrefacts onto Republicans.  See picture of Condi Rice being given evil glowing eyes by USA Today last year.

The media is indeed the "drive by" media, as labeled by rush Limbaugh.  They go from one anti-Bush idea to the next, looking for something that will stick to his Teflon, which is far slipperier than anything Reagan ever had.  And, the big issue is still this:  George W. Bush is not running for President in 2008!  Ignore that and look at the slam job on GOP officials in the congress.  The House is worst hit, because they are still true to conservative principles, unlike our wimpy senators, who, but for a few exceptions, are spineless sycophants whose ideals are subjugated to their overdeveloped desire to be loved by all.  But we’re still dealing with everything that the media can do to try to make the people think that they want the Democrats in power.

The problem is this:  It’s backifiring.  The propaganda affects conservatives differently.  We are likely not to deflate and avoid voting, but rather to get mad and let our voice be heard.  We’re the true Americans who remain loyal to the end; the media assume that we’re amoral and disloyal and spineless like liberals, and this strategy drives their effort to deflate and disengage us.  Ken Blackwell won by a huge margin in Ohio, turning that rust-belt state into a GOP stronghold.  Mark my words that Illinois and Michigan will fall next.  And the media cannot save Rod Blagoievich’s ridiculous semi-corrupt antics, even in light of his GOP predecessor’s corruption convictions.  Michigan is in the throes of paying the price for labor-union sycophancy.

The media propaganda will not work for immigration.  Do you think that 70% of the people will change their mids and grant those who were too greedy and impatient to obey our laws the right to vote to determine those laws?  The media wants that, on the bet that illegal aliens pardoned and given the vote would vote in the leftists.  Such a change requires Constitutional amendment, and the people will never stand for that.  Even the Democrats are getting the message; and the illegals overplayed their hand with last Monday’s ridiculous protests.  Even Democrats are now saying "send them back and build the damned wall."

The leftist propaganda is having the opposite effect of what is intended.  The time is now for the media to come to its senses.  C-BS needs to realize that the country won’t swing to the left because Katie Couric reads their propaganda on air.  Air American won’t be able to steal enough Federal money from kids and seniors to pay to keep itself on the air.  It’s losing its flagship station in New York.  Why?  Because the people don’t believe liberalism, they don’t accept liberalism, and they won’t swallow the media’s ribald agitprop. most of which would leave their personal hero Goebbels, awestruck.