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Presidental Cajones Reappear!

Our President is apparently going to deploy the National Guard to repel the invaders who are coming into this country to take money out of it and export it to Mexico.  Drudge is reporting it at this hour.  This is undoubtedly in response to the continuing conservative crackdown that has gone on since Harriet Miers withdrew her Supreme Court nomination in favor of Samuel Alito.  Weíre not about to yield security on the borders, and the people are with us.  Now, I donít want to become a blind populist; pure populism is pure democracy, i.e., mob rule.  But in this case the people are right.  Rewarding people who broke our laws for the sake of greed is a slap in the face to the millions upon millions of lawful immigrants who did the right thing.  The demonstrations of illegals, replete with Mexican and South American flags, demanding immediate citizenship and voting rights when they have demonstrated zero allegiance to our country and our laws, only served to imflame an already-seething public.  By acting sternly to secure the border, our President has taken the first step in reasserting his cajones.

The next step is the gloriously wonderful hiring of Tony Snow as Press Secretary.  Karl Rove had to have a hand in such a masterful choice.  He came into the office buoyed with compliments about his fairness, all of which were well-deserved.  He then unleashed on the press, and actively challenged every single untrue and/or stilted item they published.  C-BS, for example, is on the defensive, and hitting back in typical liberal ad hominem tu quoque style.  The blatant leftist bias of the mainstream media has been sorely overdue for correction.  And Tony Snow is unafraid to do what is required. 

Talk about two moves that will supercharge the conservative base!  Should they have been done sooner, or were our President and his advisers working this timetable in such a manner as to let the lefitists hang themselves, ala Stephanopolous with his snickering "mistakes" where he referred to Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House?  I think the latter.  Rush has correctly and repeatedly said that the Left is full of hubris and considers that they have won the 2006 elections.  However, their own internal polling and data shows otherwise.  The most vulnerable Senate seat, that of Rick Santorum (R-PA), is now a statistical dead heat, with the momentum clearly running toward Sen. Santorum.  Moreover, Santorumís opponent is pro-life and, although picked as a majority-killer, is himself getting nearly zero support from the base. Presidential cajones will only help Sen. Santorum, especially when he happily chimes in with the border security initiative, since he was among the first to suggest it.

It was also wonderful that the tax cuts were passed this week.  People will appreciate that liberals, aside from the filthy lies that their "willing accomplices in the media" (Rush is right!), spread, will raise the living hell out of their taxes to line the pockets of their base.  People will not vote their pocketbooks into the hands of politicians, especially evil politicians like the entirety of the Democratic leadership of Congress.  Individual races, when analyzed, suggest that, in November, the GOP will gain 3-11 seats in the house, and 1-5 seats in the Senate.  Mind you that a five seat Senate gain is enough to filibuster-proof the Senate!  Itís an optimistic, but not entirely unreasonable, hope.

Thank God that George W. is getting his groove back!