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Another Contrived Scandal from the Media that Contrives Its News

So now, if the mainstream media is to be believed, our Constitutional records are being violated because the NSA asked our phone companies to supply anonymized records of who called whom after September 11.  USA Today broke this nonstory, just as the last whimper was heard from the nonstory about the intercept of terrorist calls.  The people did not buy the line that we must safeguard the "constitutional rights" of offshore international terrorists from having their plots overheard by those who are in charge of preventing those attacks.  To the media, and the extreme leftist Democrats who the media actively promotes, it is better that our civilians, including women and children, be killed, just as long as the government bends over backwards to protect the "rights" of those whose sole mission in life is to kill us.

Now, the NSA is supposedly doing something illegal, even though this very anonymized, voluntary program was started under the Clinton administration.  In the view of the extreme left, itís more important for terrorists to network with impunity than to protect innocents from being brutally murdered.  The records in question are originating number, receiving number, date, time and length of call.  I donít know if anonymizing included the replacement of the phone number with a substitute key, and then the NSA investigates by knowing the keys" of terrorist phone numbers.  Whatever the case, you can buy more detailed records on the Internet for anyone whose cell number you know, legally.

This is a contrived "scandal" from a leftist news media that actively seeks to lie about the President and the government whenever and wherever it can, until the most extreme left of the extreme left Democrats come into power.  This same evil motivation is what fuels them to create biased polls, to push create a "civil rights struggle," but only to make new voting base out of those who illegally snuck into the country for our money, to ignore tha 95% good news out of Iraq in favor of the 5% bad news.  The mainstream extreme leftist media makes up the majority of its news.  Itís propaganda, designed to advocate extreme leftism.

The solution?  Spread the truth as far and as loudly as possible.  Iraq veterans come back and tell the truth, leaving their families and those within earshot flabbergasted.  Why?  The media hides the truth to spin the war against our President and his party.  The Dow, even with the minor setback from an unexpected rate hike from the Fed, is still flirting with a record high.

What about gasoline prices?  Will the oil companiesí marginal profits have stayed consistent.  But the higher dollars are being used to foment communist-style anti-profit measures and useless "investigations" into non-existent price gouging.  The truth of the matter is that China and India are buying oil for themselves.  The supply is staying consistent (because the leftists banned drilling in ANWR and fight every new refinery with every fiber of their being), but demand rises.  Naturally, so will prices.  Itís nothing but market forces at work.  And, every time the free market is choked, the economy where this happens dies.  Yet the left, and the media, keep on spouting this phony drivel about gouging and high bonuses for oil executives, even though the executives achieved things previously unheard of in the history of business.  And letís not forget:  The profits go to the stockholders, who are mostly working Americans who now have a nest egg, no matter ho hard the Clinton irrational tech bubble, Al-Qaeda, Saddam, natural disasters and the media try to destroy it.

Get used to the B.S.  And get used to having to correct it with the truth.  Because, nowadays, the only people hearing the real news are conservatives who seek out talk radio, blogs like Michelle Malkinís and the like.