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Is God intervening in the election? Will the leftists sue God?

The weather for Election Day appears to favor our President.  Cold and rain reign over the Pacific Northwest, the Upper Midwest and the battlegrounds of the Northeast.  New voters and leftists tend to turn out less than conservatives in bad weather; this is a well-known fact.  So many of those terrorists, prisoners and corpses registered in Ohio may not turn out to cast their ill-gotten votes.  God seems to be leveling the playing field, by allowing the weather to break George W. Bush’s way.

I am all but certain that Mr. Kerry is plotting to sue the Almighty for not tilting the weather his way, declare victory, and to have a new election ordered, where only Democrats may vote.  He’d still probably lose.  His attorneys are probably pouring over LEXIS right now, and attempting to ascertain how they can sue God.

This article is designed to show my fear of the loser, if he is a left-wing liberal billionaire who has his butler make him PBJ sandwiches.  We need to eliminate litigation from the electoral process.  Richard Nixon in 1960 conceded rather than tear the country in two over the corpses in Illinois and elsewhere who voted Kennedy.

Shakespeare suggested that we ought to kill all the lawyers.  If that didn’t mean that we’d lose Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Debbi Schussler, David Limbaugh and other luminaries, I would tend to agree.  These lawsuits over election, this "get my way regardless of method or consequence" attitude, shown in litigation over elections, is dividing the Republic in a way unseen since the Civil War!

It will heal the Republic if we VOTE and establish a clear mandate for the winner.  I think that winner should be George W. Bush.  But whatever you do, you have to VOTE!  To heck with the weather!  Your country needs your healing power and your vote is the balm on this wound!