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June 6, 2006 -- No Evil Day for Conservatives!

06 06 06:  For those who misinterpret the Bible, which by the way says that the number of the antichrist will be 666, as in six hundred sixty-six, yesterday was a bad omen.  Of course, June 6, is in no way a day of Satan.  But, for liberals, they certainly must have felt as if evil had befallen them.  Democrats lost the race to take a GOP seat in ultra-liberal California, where Brian Bilbray beat back a vigorous Democratic chellenge to fill the seat of corrupt bribe-taking Randy Cunningham, who presently sits in prison for taking bribes in the Abramoff scandal.  Moreover, the liberal Rob Reiner’s proposition to spend billions to create a universalpre-school system in California went to defeat by 20 percentage points.

Many have taken these late primary elections to be a good barometer of where the 2006 mid-terms are going.  I agree.  And, based on the barometer we saw yesterday, 6/6/06 was a happy day for conservative Republicans!  The Democrats’ "culture of corruption" lie-fest failed to snare them the seat of the chief Abramoff bribe-taker!  For a country that is allegedly "moving to the Left,"  if the leftist press and punditry are to be believed, it seems odd that a relatively innocuous liberal "throw money at schooling" initiative would go down in flames in the nation’s most liberal state.  Unless, of course, the entire premise of a national leftward move is wrong.

The country is not moving to the Left, and I think that the Congress is fafely in the hands of the GOP in 2006 and 2008.  The economy is roaring, and people know that the Democrats are promising huge tax increases "on the wealthy" if they get their hands on power, as well as a witch hunt for President Bush.  Both concepts have no support with the people.  Can anyone else tell me what the Democrats stand for?  Gay Marriage?  Abortion? A free pass for lawbreaking illegal immigrants, which is an obvious move to pad Democratic voter rolls and sneak back into power?  The Democrats are the party of against.  They are against enforcing our laws.  They are against bringing freedom to Iraq and the Middle East.  They are against self-determination.  They are against letting you control your own money, or for that matter, any aspect of your own life.  This is not a winning election strategy.

I was starting to feel as if 2006 was a bad year, but then I watch the economy aggressively fight all efforts to stymie it.  The market is fighting back against high oil prices; a record high this summer is a virtual certainty, and that won’t be the peak of it.  Unemployment is well under 5%, and the job market is approaching the "bidding war" point -- an employee’s feast.  More people will make more money, and will not want their newfound wealth to go to Democrats, who will give it to illegal aliens to buy votes that should never be there in the first place.  The economy is roaring, and Congresses have never been turned out when the people are prospering.

The media has discredited itself with one anti-GOP red herring after another.  Fox News is gaining ratings as the others lose.  Liberal extremists no longer control the news, to their great dismay.  The media could not make the Abramoff scandal cripple the White House.  They could not oust Rumsfeld with Abu Ghraib or Haditha.  They could not spin the increasingly-sporadic terrorist attacks in Iraq into a civil war of Bush’s making.  They certainly pale in comparison to the 1960s, when Cronkite took down LBJ with anti-war newscasting.  Nowadays, the effect is closer to a backlash.

Even the talk shows are taking it on the chin.  For example, Ann Coulter had fun sparring with a hopelessly-outmatched Matt Lauer on the new Katie-less Today show.   Her smackdown of Alan Colmes was even more entertaining.  Whenever Annie is on, I pop some corn and fire up the big screen!  What is truly cool is that I am not alone.

2006 is not only not lost, as long as we turn solidly out, it’s a potential gain year!  If we can put five more GOP senators into DC, things will truly change for the better.  We’re safe from the immigration bill, because there is no way in hell that the House will let that abomination pass.  And that, my friends, is why the House is safe, and a probable GOP gainer, for the third straight election.

In the days of yore, a lame-duck president with an alleged under-40% approval rating would be an omen of doom.  Today, it’s of little concern.  And we know this because we saw the results from 06 06 06.  And the news for the GOP is anything but evil.