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They Still Don't Stand for Anything...

Nancy Pelosi’s web site has outlined what the Democrats call "A New Direction for America."  At first I was a bit shocked.  I never expected the Dems to get together, even a little, to actually set forth a position on any major issue, other than the "Bush sucks, Rice Sucks, Cheney sucks, the GOP Congressional Caucus sucks and Rumsfeld really sucks" mantra.  I then made sure that I had no food in my stomach, and proceeded to read the site.  After doing so, I came to the conclusion that, surprise, surprise, nothing has changed.

While the PDF document on Pelosi’s web site seems to be full of fresh words, those words are merely puffery, hiding the Democrats’ true, nefarious agenda.  What do the Democrats want to do?  Here’s a synopsis:

Surrender in Iraq:  Leave it to the leftists to whine over a lack of a perfect military operation, notwithstanding the fact that perfection has never been achieved in any battle in military history, much less any war.  Their rhetoric says, in essence, that no national goal is worth any level of sacrifice whatsoever.  in World War II, which was the last time we were faced with an enemy who could actually succeed against us, we lost more people in one training exercise than during the entire course of this war.  We lost over a million men, and endured severe sacrifice, food and fuel rationing, the lack of new cars, and the suspension of professional sports like baseball and much more, with determination and smiles on our faces.  On the June 18 edition of 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney intimated that we’re fighting a war in Iraq for nothing, or perhaps worse, because of some undue influence by the military-industrial complex. 

The Democrats and their socialist pals have the right to free speech.  I will staunchly defend their right to speak, which is much more than I can say for them (remember the threats against broadcasters who aired ads critical of John Kerry?).  That said, let’s consider the inanity and insanity of Rooney’s statements, as well as Pelosi’s and Murtha’s statements.  What is boils down to is this:  Leftists are terrified of our impending victory in this war.  They hope for, and work toward, our national humiliation and defeat, in order to discredit the GOP and regain power.  What is particularly disturbing is the mainstream press and its ribald conspiracy in this plan of action.  Witness their ridiculous response to the killing of al-Zarqawi and the capture of a trove of information that led to 109 more terrorists killed, plus over 750 additional terrorists captured.  We broke the back of the terrorists in Iraq, and all the Left could do is warn that our victory would result in more terrorism!  There is no clearer picture of the Leftists’ true intent than the rantings of Chris Matthews, and others, who were obviously knocked off message by this smashing victory.

Congressman Murtha, who either actually believes, notwithstanding the truth, that Iraq is another Vietnam, or alternatively, is so invested in our defeat that he will aid and comfort our enemies to grab power for himself and his ilk, wants us to pull out.  The end result, as the Congressman knows or should know, would be chaos and the eventual ascendancy of a rejuvenated al-Qaeda in Iraq.  Then, the Democrats could take a disaster of their own manufacture and pin it on the GOP and scream "See, we told you so!" and use it to attempt to gain power.  Remember that power for its own sake is all that they care about or want.

Tax Hikes, Massive Tax Hikes, to pay for redistribution of money:  The Left buys votes, or should we say, attempts to buy votes, with the largesse of the U.S. Treasury.  Their lack of understanding, or perhaps their hatred of, the capitalist system, blinds them to the truth that oppressive taxes stymie economic growth, forcing further tax hikes, always on the most productive people and businesses, to attempt to placate the suffering that their wrongheaded programs initiated.

Our President initiated tax cuts.  They have revved up the economy so much that we now have higher revenues than before the cuts.  Nothing could be more illustrative of the eproof that lower tax rates spur economic activity, than when such activity is spurred to the point that the government pulls in more cash with lower rates.

But, the Democrats want to go much further.  They want to hand out free health care, knowing that if they do so, they have placed a stranglehold on nearly 20% of the U.S. economy, and they bet on the notion that the people will become so dependent (the way that the Left prefers the populace) upon them that they will be enshrined in power.  Thank God, the people are smarter than that.

The Democrats cannot come to consensus within themselves.  Their accusations of GOP divisions turned out to be psychological projections.  Their latest plan does not reveal what they stand for; it merely sets forth criticisms of the GOP, mostly unwarranted.  The plan speaks in vagaries and puffery, which is what we’re used to.  They still don’t really stand for anything.