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Can Anyone Actually Be Surprised at the Anti-Israel World?

Mona Charen is outraged by the international communityís decision to come down squarely on the side of terrorists and against Israel.  Terrorists attacked Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon.  Israel, the worldwide masters of dealing with terror, responded rapidly and strongly, as they indeed should have.  Yet everyone from France to the Vatican is condemning Israel for protecting itself.  Unsurprising, uninspired, unbelievable.

Laura Ingraham noted this morning that Israel tried, and tried hard, to run the appeasement route of withdrawal from both Lebanon and Gaza, complying with insipid U.N. demands that it do so.  They bent over backwards to ensure that they did not occupy one square inch of Lebanese soil.  They forcibly evicted Jewish settlers from Gaza, and in so doing endangered the stability of their own government.  Ariel Sharon was very unpopular before his stroke, because of his strong conviction to see land for peace.  In the end, the result was his worst nightmare.  The land from which Israel evicted Jewish settlers was converted by Hamas into launch sites for missile attacks into Israel.  In trying the appeasement plan, Israel gave its enemies strong footholds to attack it.

Now Iran is bristling with anger, and offering to protect Syria, Israelís likely next target, with strong force.  Some read a nuclear threat into Iranís statement.  I donít think that Iran has nukes yet, or they would have delivered one into Tel Aviv by now.  Iranís president is a lunatic, and if he had the nuke to deploy, he would deploy it.  But I do know that Israel has nukes, and the fact that Israel has had nukes for 35 years and have yet to use them shows the Patience of Job.

But I digress.  The world is apparently so fearful of terrorists that they will strongly condemn anyone who stands up to them.  Israel, the British, a few Baltic nations and the United States are pariahs throughout the world because we will not kow-tow to these evildoers.  The Baltic countries, Poland in particular, have first hand experience of the oppression of terrorism run amok:  the Nazis.  So does Israel, whose people were the completely innocent victims of the single most evil undertaking in world history.  The British dealt with Hitlerís terrorism first hand in the 1940s -- Remember V-1 and V-2?  We are the newcomers to this pariah game.  Countries who owe their very existence to our brave soldiersí sacrifice, such as France, now flip us off as aggressors, because they fear Al-Qaeda so much that they want the whole world suck up to them to keep them non-violent.  Well, short of imposing Sharia on the planet, nothing will placate Al-Qaeda.  They must be Destroyed.  So must Hamas.  So must Hezbollah.  So must Islamic Jihad.  So must every other organization that thinks killing innocent people is anything but pure evil.

Even Americans are freaking out, with the stock market in a nosedive.  Could it be that the terrorists are co-ordinating their efforts  in order to topple GOP rule in the United States, in the hope that the Democrats are good to their word and will run away from Iraq like the America-hating treasonous wimps that they are (Joe Lieberman and a select few others excepted)?  If the Democrats get in power, expect oil at $300 per barrel as the Middle East throws back to the 8th Century, turning Iraq into the ultimate al-Qaeda training camp / weapons center??

Israel has not declared hostilities against Syria.  So why does Iran threaten Israel over Syria?  Could it be that they know that there are weapons of mass destruction in Syria, from Iraq, and if those weapons are found in Syria, then the President and the GOP are vindicated?  Could it also be that the terrorists are dying to use those weapons and are waiting for W to be out of office?

The next days will be harrowing.  Israel will not be stopped.  They will do what it takes to protect their people.  Personally, I think that the Palestinians have forfeited Gaza.  Israel should march on Gaza, put down the rebels, evacuate all Palestinians, and permanently annex the terrotory.  Move the Jewish settlers back in; eliminate the pincer that Hamas has on the South of Israel.  Make it clear that the West Bank is next.  Any act of terrorism will be regarded as the Palestiniansí declaration that they forfeit the West Bank to Israel.  And warn any neighboring Arab state that giving any aid whatsoever, even a drink of water, to any terrorist or group of terrorists, will be taken as an act of war and will receive the maximum response.

There is no other way.  The terrorists want to take up Hitlerís mantle and complete the genocide that filled his warped dreams.  And, for them, just like Hitler, this is a starting point.  They then want to conquer the world for their god and their prophet, and force people to live and do as they say.  Michelle Malkin calls the subservience to this world view "Dhimmitude."  How true.

And it is this Dhimmitude that results from the fear that nations have of these agents of refined evil.  They therefore, in a knee-jerk reaction, respond to any attempt to stand up to these terrorists with pure condemnation for the retaliating victims.  They come up with patently incredible statements, such as the notion that fighting terrorism breeds more terrorism.  This sickening, anti-human view is even expressed by Democrats in America, who say that our killing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a bad thing -- as far as they were concerned we should have let him live!  Are these people insane?  This thug was beheading innocents all over the place!  He invaded Iraq to bring Al-Qeadaís sick, evil, twisted world upon a people who were only weeks before freed from the rule of a psychotic despot.  Of course, if the Democrats were in charge, that psychotic despot would still be in power, paying the families of terror bombers who killed innocent Israelis $25,000 each, raping the women and children of his own country, stockpiling WMDís and plotting some way to deliver them to U.S. shores.

So I am sickened, enraged, outraged.  What I am not is surprised.