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I am overloaded.  I cannot find time to write about anything anymore!  I am working hard to make the money my family needs to live, and Conservativity has sadly felt the brunt of my lack of free time.  Nonetheless, the world continues to spin, and appears to be spinning out of control.

Israel is being roundly condemned by those who think that it is terrorism to fight back against terrorists.  Last I wrote, I mentioned my outrage, combined with my lack of surprise.  I disagree with our President and his support of this latest U.N. attempt to shut Israelís effort down before it can bring the only and necessary benefit to the region:  The complete destruction of Hezbollah.

This week, Hillary Clinton shrilly demanded that Don Rumsfeld resign.  He presided over the most successful military operation since Patton sped the 3rd Army across Europe, while still relieving Bastogne and repulsing the Nazisí last stand.

Everyone thinks Iraq will break out in civil war, except, of course, the Iraqis. many of whom realize that the terrorists, in a terrified last stand, are trying to split the country in two to keep their worst fears -- freedom and republicanism -- from being realized.

The "drive-by media," as Rush Limbaugh aptly and properly calls them, are running out of things to throw at our President.  So they are now recycling illegal immigration stories.

No matter what the leftists say, they are failing at getting people to believe their crap.  WLIB in New York is kicking the faltering, welfare-funds-stealing Air America lefty radio network off the air, and AA is moving to a lousy place at the bottom of the AM dial, on a station with a restricted transmission pattern.  WLIB itself is probably going to go -- get this -- conservative!

Oliver Stone has repented for the ludicrous JFK and Nixon with a stunning masterpiece showing the heroes of September 11 in New York as true heroes.  A movie about 9/11 that does not take up the "Bush Sucks" mantra, and is utterly devoid of the ultra-moonbat conspiracy theories that attempt to schmooze people into believing that our President blew up the buildings in New York.  If you actually believe this garbage, as apparently 16% of Americans do, then you are among the one in six Americans that is truly insane.

Mel Gibson got drunk.  He stupidly drove and got busted.  He made some horrible anti-Semitic remarks.  Jackie Mason said it best when he noted that the man was drunk!  He gave no credence to the ramblings of a drunk man.  The left, who is still enraged at the man for daring to make a movie that portrayed Jesus Christ in a positive light, is in full Schadenfreude mode.  Not a surprise.

The economy continues to do well, no matter what the lefties do.  The stock market hovers at about 11,200.  The Fed is unlikely to raise rates again.  If it truly is the "economy, stupid," 2006 is a GOP year. 

But 2006 is probably a GOP year anyway.  The Dems are eating their own (Joe Lieberman) instead of trying to stand for something.  People wonít come out to vote for you because you say the other side sucks.  This is already apparent as Nancy Pelosi and others are fuming at Howard Dean for what they see as paltry get-out-the-vote efforts.  In all fairness to Dr. "Yaaaaaaah," he canít get out a vote that doesnít exist.

I believe that Floyd Landis is guilty.  I am so disappointed.  Synthetic testosterone does not occur naturally.  Therefore, either he was doped or someone polluted the test vials in an act of sabotage.  The latter seems too far fetched for me to believe, short of compelling evidence of sabotage.  Mr Landis apparently tried to trade of Lance Armstrong, who apparently was set up with the phony allegations of 1999 doping.

There.  I got past some of my overload.  I will try to post more frequently.