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Michelle Malkin has the best line of Tuesday’s primary night:  "The Joementum is gone."  Moonbats in Connecticut have sent Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, a man with a 100% liberal voting record, to defeat in his bid to be re-elected to a fourth Senate term.  The extremists who have taken over the Democratic Party are celebrating.  They defeated Lieberman’s primary bid on the single issue of his supporting our Iraq war effort.  What we saw yesterday leads me to coin a new word:  Democrannibalism.  For those conservatives who think that this development is bad for us, you need some lessons from Rush Limbaugh 101:  Illustrating absurdity.  What the Democrats did was not only absurd, it is as self-destructive as my new word implies.  By whacking Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary, they have ensured that 2006 will be a great year for the GOP.  Here’s why...

1. Democrannibalism Highlights Leftist Intolerance

Joe Lieberman is painted by the extreme Left as the "lap dog" of President Bush, merely because he sees the war for what it is:  The fight for freedom’s survival.  Joe understands that, left to survive, Islamo-fascist terrorism will destroy all freedom worldwide.  But, in an era where the extreme left of the extreme left wing of the Democratic party exercises Hitleresque dominance over Democratic Party policy, Joe Lieberman’s failure to adhere to every iota of the most extreme positions of the party cost him his party’s nomination.

Now, every single Democrat will move way to the Left in order to avoid the same fate that befell Joe Lieberman.  In so doing, they will show themselves to the people as extremists.  The GOP is not stupid.  Remember that Karl Rove is the man who bucked the GOP seat-loss trend for two straight election cycles.  Even now, the strategists are moving rapidly to take advantage of the opportunity the moonbats have handed us.  We can run thousands of ads, telling the people that the Democrats will run like chickens from any fight for our freedoms.

Other close races, such as the one for Rick Santorum’s Pennsylvania seat, are sure to swing our way as people in states where common sense exists (Connecticut is in the heart of moonbat-land) see the Democrats for what they are.  The GOP is poised to gain seats yet again.

2. Democrannibalism Gives the Good Guys a Senate Seat

Joe Lieberman will raise enough signatures to run as an Independent in November.  He will split the Democratic party note down the middle, leaving both himself and Ned Lamont out of a job, and a GOP seat gained in the Senate.  Remember that Jodi Rell, Connecticut’s governor, is GOP.  Alan Schlesinger, even with his baggage (he gambled under an assumed name in the 1990s when he ought not to have done so), is most likely the new senator from Connecticut.  The GOP would be insane to skirmish with him or to fail to throw their entire weight behind his candidacy.

I predict that the GOP powers will rapidly realize exactly how big a gift the moonbats have bestowed upon them.  They will rise up to support Alan Schlesinger.  With the Democrat vote split, he will do at least 6 years in DC as a Senator.

3. Democrannibalism Pushes the Country to the Right as the Left Overplays its Hand -- Again

The moonbats are already touting this event as a national rejection of the Iraq war, and a prophecy of GOP doom.  They’re moonbats!  Connecticut is one of the most liberal states in the Union, notwithstanding its GOP governor.  The fact that an ultra-rich, ultra-liberal elitist can use his own  money to unseat another liberal over his support of the war means nothing.  Cynthia McKinney lost huge in Georgia’s primary, running against a moderate.  No other election in the nation showed a trend toward the "run like a chicken" anti-war position of the extreme Left.  However, that will do nothing to stop the Left from overplaying their pair of deuces as if it were a Royal Flush.

Expect cries of "the war is over when we come to power!"  "Impeach Bush when we take the House!"  "Get out now!  Don’t wait for the November elections!"  And with every ridiculous, moonbat thing that these people say, they will push their common-sense constituency right into the GOP camp.  "Reagan Democrats?"  No More, they’ll be "Running from Ned Lamont Republicans!"

August 8, 2006 is the day that the moonbats won the 2006 general elections for the GOP.


Hot Air records Michael Moore’s threat to Democrats:  Become Extreme Leftists and strongly oppose the war, or suffer Joe’s fate!