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The Democrannibalism of August 8 is being followed up, as predicted from everyone frm Pat Caddell (Democratic strategist who sees the end of his party playing out before his eyes) to Rush Limbaugh to me.  Michael Moore, corpulent Leftist propagandist extraordinaire, has been a busy little bee.  He has threatened all Democrats:  Those who do not demand our immediate withdrawal from Iraq are going to go down to flaming defeat.  Mr. Caddell predicted that every candidate would be subjected to a "litmus test" to verify his or her moonbatness.  He was sadly prophetic.

To quote the blubmaster:  "Let the resounding defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman send a cold shiver down the spine of every Democrat who supported the invasion of Iraq and who continues to support, in any way, this senseless, immoral, unwinnable war."  This is the opening blow of the jackass party’s version of the Nazi and Stalinist purges.  It’s their next blow in their increasingly anti-Semitic rhetoric.  I am getting on a roll with coining new words.  This is the beginning of Demokristallnacht.  The Democratic party of 2008, in running liberal (and Jewish) Lieberman, their 2000 Vice Presidential candidate, out of town on a rail because he supports the war in Iraq.  In so doing, they are showing their true colors.  They are the new Nazis.  They hate Jews; they hate the freedom that is America; they hate the notion of anyone else having freedom; they hate the notion that anyone other than they know how to think for themselves or run anything, much less the world’s only superpower.

John McIntrye of Real Clear Politics, writing for Fox, has it right: "The Democrats have an insurgency of their own that is rapidly gaining strength, and Lieberman is the first high profile victim. But in the long run the real victim will be the Democratic Party if they continue to purge the few remaining FDR/Harry Truman/Scoop Jackson Democrats from their ranks."  McIntrye is right.  This is our bromide, knowing that this "win" means nothing for 2006.  But I do not revel in the Democrats’ self-destruction.

I want the Democrats to present a viable alternative to the GOP.  We’re on the verge of getting what we think is our dream:  Decades of entrenched power.  And the idiots in the Democratic party think that they are about to win, to wit, see Harry Reid predicting a five-seat gain in November.  August 8, far from assuring that victory, gave the GOP the exact ammunition it needs to ensure that the Democrats lose seats in November!  We’re on the verge of 40 years of uninterrupted power, and the complacency and intellectual laziness that comes with that kind of mandate.

If the Democrats were able to think past the next 15 minutes, they would realize that they have sacrificed all possible chance of their power on the altar of extremism.  Today’s "right wing conservative" is probably a little to the left of Harry Truman!  Were Harry or JFK or Scoop Jackson alive today, they would be roasted alive by the Daily Kos and goofballs!  Think about it!  Lieberman is far more liberal than Truman or JFK ever was.  And he just got purged!  So now, it’s the time to make it clear that the Democrat heroes of the past would now be considered right wing kooks by the present Democrat base and leaderhsip.

The purges will continue.  Michael Moore is already threatening Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps he thinks that his blubber will protect him from the same fate as Vince Foster!  These people now have power over the Democratic party, or at least the party leaders think of them as having power.  There is the argument that, in the same way that the Nazis won a minority plurality and used it to take over Germany, these nuts have won a small primary in a small ultra-Democrat state and are using it as leverage to gain undeserved power.  But that is irrelevant.

The salient issue is that the Democrats have been usurped by the extreme left wing.  All who do not toe the line, 100%, without exception or dissent, will be purged.  Demokristallnacht has begun.


Jacob Weisberg in Slate, no fan of the GOP, writes of the Lamontophiles and their rabid philosophy: "Substantively, this view indicates a fundamental misapprehension of the problem of terrorism. Politically, it points the way to perpetual Democratic defeat."  Couldn’t agree more.  Mr. Weisberg has written an excellent piece -- for a liberal.  It’s a must-read.