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A Stunning Victory that the New York Times Could not Foil!

Twenty-four terrorists are rotting in jails in England.  Another six "Egyptian Students" are in custody here, although itís not yet known if their terrorist plots were one and the same.  Stunning!  A gigantic victory for terror-fighters everywhere!  Islamic fascists are off our airplanes and were unable to whack 2000-3000 innocents.  The toll could have been higher, if for example, they waited to detonate their liquid explosive containers until the planes were flying over Manhattan on the way into JFK or over downtown Chicago on the way into OíHare.  In that instance, flaming deadly wreckage would have rained down on office buildings and residential neighborhoods, creating a catastrophe that could have been greater than 9/11.  There is no evidence that the terrorists planned to blow up the planes on approach or takeoff, but one would think that this would cause maximum effect.

Time Magazine, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought, reports on the fact that our Intelligence services were instrumental in bringing this plot down before it brought any planes down.  Did part of this surveillance include NSA intercepts of international calls?  Probably.  Thank God that our wonderful, beloved President did not bow down to the leftist wackos who demanded that a warrant be acquired before one can listen in on Osama Bin Ladenís actual explicit terror instructions.  If the New York Times had its way, August 16, 2006, the terroristsí planned attack date, would have been the day that thousands died in mid-air.  Even if we assume arguendo that the aircraft were blown up over the open ocean, there would have been chaos.  The world would have shut down air travel, causing the barely-recovering airlines to teeter again on bankruptcy, and the markets to crash.  Rescue planes and ships would be deployed in massive, but likely futile, rescue / recovery efforts.  Most would be military, meaning that our strength in Iraq and Afghanistan would be compromised.

Instead, the dedicated, brave, diligent Homeland Security department, has saved thousands of lives by assisting MI-5 and Scotland Yard in tracking these blackguards.  This proves conservativesí contention all along, that Leftist efforts to hamstring our security agencies with needless red tape will kill people.  This fact will not, of course, stop the extreme leftists at the Times or the Democrats in the Congress.  On Thursday, Harry Reid, (D-NV), shrinking Senate minority leader, blamed President Bush for somehow acting wrongly in this event!  HELLO?  This was a victory!  We stopped these bloodthirsty fascists before they could do any damage!

If our President and his administration is so incompetent, how come we are attack-free since Sept. 11?  There were more terror attacks inside the US in Clintonís first term than in all of President Bushís 1 1/2 terms.  It boils down to this:  The Leftist notion that one can simply do nothing and the terrorists will leave one alone is insane.  The only way to protect ourselves from terror is to go Israel on them:  Hunt then down and take them out.  Itís the only way to be safe.  Victory is the surest way to defeat an avowed enemy.