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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Another Week...

This week in Modern Leftist Insanity... First off, why in the world did we not VETO the UN resolution on the Israel/Hezbollah cease-fire?  Hezbollah is a group of vicious, anti-Semitic, armed, baby-murdering thugs, not a sovereign nation defending itself, as is Israel.  Moreover, why did Israel capitulate to these stupid terms, where Hezbollahís terrorist murdering thugs donít even have to disarm?  This is what happens in Israel when a leftist was in power.  Were Menachem Begin, or Golda Meir, or even Ariel Sharon, in power, the IDF would not stop until there was no Hezbollah to cease fire upon.

A Michigan judge, in a rather bizarre opinion, has held that the NSA program that intercepts phone calls between Americans and terrorists, the same one that saved a host of international jets from mid-air explosive immolation, is supposedly unconstitutional.  Hereís to the ACLU, who has shown the world, especially the terrorists, that the American Left wants to help the terrorists kill our citizens by the thousands.  Do you really want your personal security in the hands of the Left, whose idea is to kiss up to these murdering thugs, even though every time it has ever been tried, in all of history, it has failed?  I am glad to see President Bush lambasting this ridiculous judicial decision for the danger to America that it is.  I hope that it swiftly goes down in flames, just like the Democrats in 2006, 2008 and the foreseeable future.

Speaking of which, The Demos are planning to strip Joe Lieberman of his senority in the Democratic caucus, since heís an Independent now.  If I were Joe, I would switch to the GOP if re-elected.  this would bolster gains I already see in the Senate for 2006, thanks to the Democrats and their anti-American views and deeds.

Some guy, under arrest for a molestation offense in Thailand, confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey.  The pervertís ex-wife said he was in Georgia at the time of the murder.  His accout does not match with the policeís evidence.  While I am convinced that JobBenet was not killed by her parents, I do not think this guy did it.  I think that he is trying to get extradited to the USA, rather than face the horrors of Thai prison life, where sex offenders get treated worse, if that is at all possible, than in US prisons.  I say that we should leave him in Thailand and allow the Thai courts to try him for murdering JonBenet as well.  I believe that there is a short wait for death in Thailand.

The stock market is up and oil prices are down.  Boy, this GOP abuse of the economy is realling throwing us all for a loop.  I can hardly wait for the Democrats to return to power, double my taxes, kill the economy and hike unemployment to match the dying European economies that the Leftists love so much.