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I Can't Feel Your Pain!

To all Democrats who are upset by the substantially true portrayal of your cowardice in the upcoming ABC Special, The Path to 9/11, I canít feel your pain.  Try as I might to sympathize with you as you spout bellicose demands for ABC to with the movie from air, I cannot find any sympathy for your position (Read here for article).  After all, Sandy Berger let bin Laden go, and that was a causative factor of 9/11.  Bill Clinton bombed empty training camps, spending cruise missiles to try to divert the public from his court-certified perjury about Monica Lewinsky.  This is a truthful, historical fact.  As Rush Limbaugh, who has seen this miniseries, has noted, Bill Clinton was, and is, a poll-whore; he left no real legacy, and will resort to intimidation to protect the fragile, manufactured aura with which he left the White House.

So now, the Democrats, watching their overinflated hopes of seizing power from the GOP evaporate in the wake of freefalling gas prices, a resurgent economy, a Dow flirting with record highs, and President Bushís revitalized titanium cajones, are apopleptic.  Any person who sees the truth of 9/11 will never, ever think of voting for a surrendering, lily-livered, yellow-bellied coward to lead their country into what would be historyís largest snatch of defeat from the jaws of victory. So this semi-documentary film has to be viciously and amorally attacked, and vicariously, also its producers, writers and directors, because the notion of telling the people the truthis hateful to any Democrat nowadays.  Just ask Joe Lieberman what happens to honest Democrats.

I canít feel the Democratsí pain over being chided by one of their own extreme leftists.  David Broder writes in the Washington Post that the lefties who actually published photoshop schadenfreude-inspired photos of Karl Rove being led away in cuffs should apologize.  Kudos to Broder for pointing out the obvious.  Another blow to the party that thought it had a lock on both houses of Congress as late as Labor Day.

I canít feel the pain of those who want me to be in financial pain with huge tax hikes, so that they can spend money on their voting blocs.  I canít feel the pain of those who would pander to criminals who flout our immigration laws, in the hope of making them a voting constituency.  I canít feel the pain of those who would kiss the rear end of a filthy murderer on the same scale as Hitler, by attempting to negotiate with Hezbollah, or al-Qaeda, or anyone else.  I canít feel the pain of any coward who would humiliate this country, and leave the entire people of Iraq to be viciously tortured by terrorists, in the name of getting the troops home, especially since the troops donít want to come home until every last terrorist is pushing up daisies.

And I wonít feel the pain as this party, where a socialist like Nancy Pelosi is actually on the right of her party, is voted into oblivion in November.