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Presidential Cajones Now Made of Titanium!

Our beloved President has begun to see the light, and in just the nick of time.  In the last days, he has held multiple strongly-worded press conferences, where he forcefully set forth his position on the war against the fascist terrorists who want to destroy everyone who does not adhere to their particular, ultra-left-wing, liberty-hating form of Islam.  The media and the Left were taken aback, and chose the word "jujitsu" to describe the Presidentís nimble attack on the Leftistsí core values of surrender, treason and patrician oligarchy.  I couldnít agree more.  Jujitsu is the Japanese combat art of using your opponentís weaknesses against him.  Our president has to deal with two hideously evil enemies:  1) The terrorists, who want to kill us all; and 2) The Left, who thinks that are helping but are unwittingly aiding and abetting the terrorists.  Alternatively, the Left are actively assisting the terrorists, motivated by a burning, irrational hatred of the country that gives them the freedom to help those who ironically want to destroy that very freedom.

It takes steel cajones, at minimum, to face the withering whines of the Left.  Look at the intense heat Disney/ABC is facing for planning to air a Path to 9/11 documentary that fails to worship the ground that Bill Clinton and his advisers walked upon.  Apart from the fact, that placing oneís face upon ground trod by Bill Clinton poses a significant risk of contracting STDs, Bill Clinton scrwed up.  He did fire missiles into empty tents to distract the world from his perjury about his dalliances with an intern.  Sandy Berger indeed did hang up on the CIA rather than authorize the capture of bin Laden.  Madeline Albright wanted us to lay low on bin Laden so Clinton could get snaps by appearing to negotiate peace in the Middle East.  The spin that linton achieved anything at all, much less anything great is just that -- spin.  It is a fictional house of cards.  How dare anyone bring the fan of truth to bear against their house of cards!

Pollsters have recently suggested that the Democrats are a lock to seize control of both houses of Congress in the November mid-terms.  Such talk, based on polls with "interesting" internals (i.e., if you intervies 80% urban liberals you wonít get a good number for the GOP), was starting to, as intended by the pollsters and the Left, demoralize the Right.  The President came out swinging, finally.  And, he upgraded those cajones to the new, Titanium model, and challenged the Congress to set up the tribunals to handle the terrorist trials.  And the Left is on its collective heels.  They are now whining about a TV miniseries and crying that the President is being political.  What a shock!

Thatís right, our President is being political.  Not "playing politics;"  that is the ledgerdomain of the Left.  When W does politics he does not play.  He is trusting the inherent wisdom of the people, and illustrating just how simpy and cowardly the Left is, leaving the people to decide if they want to surrender Iraq to Al-Qaeda.  The final battle for the future of the Republic begins.

Let me repeat:  The final battle for the future of our Republic has begun.  If the Democrats seize power, our Republic is in grave danger.  First of all, do you actually think that the Left will ever allow themselves to lose power?  Theyíll surrender in Iraq in order to bring about more attacks, and then use those attacks as a pretext to impose totalitarian "emergency measures."  Remember that the Left does not respect you.  Those people who are crowing about the majority of Americans hating the President are the same people who in 2004 referred to the "red" GOP states as "dumbf*ckistan" and suggested that the blue states ought to secede and form another country.  These are the people who believe that free elections means slashing the tires of GOP get-out-the-vote vans.  These are the people who believe that racial equality means racist epithets and vile insults toward any black person who dares not toe the extreme left of the Democratic party line.  Itís even worse if one dares join the GOP!  Jewish rights means Anti-Semitic rants and all-out-mobilization against the 100%-liberal voting record Joe Lieberman, who happened to agree with the war.

It takes Titanium cajones to deal with the modern Democratic party, the intellectual heirs of Mao and Stalin and Hitler.  Our President has a freshly-minted set.  Hereís my hope and prayer that he takes it up a couple of notches, starting with his 9/11 TV address.