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In Memoriam: Grace S. Galante, 1972-2001.

UPDATED September 11, 2009:  Eight years have passed since 2,996 innocents were brutally murdered by thugs, who profaned the name of God in a vicious attack that was inspired by His enemy.  I bring this memorial to the front of the line on this seventh anniversary of September 11, 2001, and thank God that no such attacks have succeeded since then. 

Grace S. Galante worked as a brokerís assistant for Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  She was 29 years old on September 11, 2001, the final day of her life.  Her cousin by marriage, Deanna, also worked at Cantor, Fitzgerald, on the same 105th floor of the North Tower as Grace.  Deanna was seven months pregnant on September 11, 2001, and she and her unborn son were lost as well.

Grace S. Galante, 1972-2001Grace Susca made easy friends, yet was still a family girl, the youngest child of her close-knit family.  She was the daughter of Italian immigrants, and married John Galante, himself a Sicilian immigrant, in 1994, after a traditional courtship.  She and John lived in Eltingville, on Staten Island, close to both of their parents.  John and Grace were a decent couple with an outstanding future.  In fact, at the time of Graceís murder, she and her husband were working hard to prepare for a family.  Money is always an issue, even more so when you live in the expensive New York metro area.

Grace was a very strong person.  Her brother Frank recounted to The New York Times that a young Grace cajoled him into a rare male soap-opera fan, of the show General Hospital.  The method?  Consistently winning all TV-channel fights.  As she grew, so did her strength, which showed in her selflessness. For example, she helped her father with medical appointments for his cancer treatments.

Grace was also a loving and loyal member of an extended family.  Frank Susca recalls her successful efforts to throw her nephew a whopper of a first birthday party.  Her husband recalls that Grace was always happiest when visiting with her family, and equally so when visitng his.  Everyone who spoke of Grace, anywhere I could research, used words like strong, special and selfless to describe this woman.

Graceís brains and personality landed her at Cantor Fitzgerald, an excellent company, as a brokerís assistant.  Grace and Johnís plans were moving smoothly. But then, she perished as the North Tower collapsed.

Graceís body was not found intact.  She was confirmed dead by way of forensic testing.  I could become quite angry right now, and vent against those who did this thing.  But, instead, I dedicate this page to Grace Susca Galante, 1972-2001.  She is one of many bright lights who were put out way too soon on September 11, 2001.  Personally, based on what I read, I feel that Grace was one of the brightest.

This memorial is part of the 2996 project, where bloggers erect permanent memorials to the victims of September 11.