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Election 2006: Democrimplosion

Rush Limbaugh has, just now, predicted a Democratic Party implosion in 2006.  Is he nuts?  Has he lost all sense of gloom and doom?  Doesnít he know that not a single conservative will turn out because we kicked out the alleged pedophile within our ranks (who appears to have done no sexual act with anyone under 21)?  Doesnít he know that this election is about nothing except how much Hastert sucks, Foley sucks, Bush sucks, Rice sucks, Cheney sucks and Rumsfeld really sucks?  After all, if the liberal media says it, you know that it is an absolute truth!

But Rush Limbaugh has lost it!  Even though he has correctly predicted the last six congressional elections, he has gone off the deep end!  How dare he think that the GOP base would be motivated by the obviously-stilted media coverage!  North Korea has tried, if vainly, to explode a nuclear device, using technology that Bill Clinton pandered to Kim Jong-Il.  But the Media must be right when they say that President Bush is at fault!  Of course they donít say what the President should or could have done to keep Kim from trying to blow off a nuke.  Itís a dud, folks, but that donít matter.  If the Democrats were in power, Kim Jong-Il would be prancing happily through fields of daisies while singing Kumbaya.

So, of course, every conservative in America will boycott the GOP!  Those that donít stay home will happily vote for totalitarianism, vicious taxation, political correctness on pain of criminal prosecution and surrender to all who dare say "boo" at us!  The GOP wants Nancy Pelosi to bring her San Francisco morality to the Bible Belt!  Conservatives want to be forced to have gay sex paraded in front of them -- in church!  They want the Democrats, who after all, know how to live our lives better than we do, to micromanage our lives, just like the Chicago City Council with their foie gras ban, big-box attack ordinance, and smoking bans!

OK, you know that the above paragraphs are sarcastic.  Rush indicates that anything short of a Democratic sweep of both houses will be a humiliating defeat.  He is, of course, 100% right.  James Carville says, rightly (!), that if the Democrats cannot win in this environment, they have to question their future as a party.  Get ready to start questioning, Jimmy!  Why?  I have a prediction: Republicans will lose neither house of Congress.  Would you like to hear another?   Republicans may just GAIN seats in the House!

Why am I making such insane predictions?  Havenít I seen the polls?  Heck yes!  They all are tilted liberal in their internals.  But the polls are irrelevant.  What is relevant is that the conservative base will be hungry and ready to vote down the Dems.  On the other hand, the very efforts that the liberals and the media employ to depress GOP turnout by deflating the base will also depress liberal turnout.  What?  Are you nuts, John?  Nope.  Think of this:  When Newsweek releases a fantasy poll showing that the Democrats lead the GOP on the economy by 22 percentage points, which is incredible on its face given the record Dow and plummeting prices, that has two effects.  First, it ticks off the GOP.  Second, it induces complacency in the Left.  This is the classic "backfire" scenario.  And it is in play, because using tangential issues, like Foley, to try to depress turnout assumes Conservative stupidity.  It also assumes that conservatives lack loyalty.  Both assumptions are dangerous.

I know numerous conservatives.  None of them, not a one, are tempted to refrain from voting because of Mark Foley, or any other issue.  Most of them see right through the transparent media and Democrat efforts to depress them, and are determined to show up at the polls and vote, GOP all the way!  The base is angry, but not at the GOP leadership.  Weíre ticked off at the Democrats and the media, and we want to send them a message.  Weíre going to vote to ensure that the Democrats lose.  We know the unmitigated calamity that even one iota of Democrat rule would bring to this country.  We would never, not ever torture the American people by allowing these leftist demi-Nazi America-haters have any power.

So I pray, and I hope, and I believe that the Democrats will lose seats in the house, and may lose seats in the Senate.  that will start the prophesied Democrimplosion.  What should you do?  VOTE!  Vote straight-ticket GOP!  Teach the media and the Dems the lesson that weíve been teaching since 1994!  Within the next 40 years or so, theyíll finally get it.