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To the GOP: Listen to Newt and ACT!

Newt Gingrich has written an article for Human Events.  In this article, Newt lays out a clear strategy for GOP victory in 2006.  Has he discovered some secret formula to defeat the Democratic juggernaut that we know is coming -- after all, the New York Times has said that there is a "Blue wave" coming our way!  Or is Newt as "delusional" as Washington Post writer Michael Abramowitz alleges that President Bush and Karl Rove are because they are "upbeat" and full of confidence about the 2006 mid-terms?  Read here what Newt wrote.  Here’s the Gingrich plan for winning big in 2006:  Honesty! 

I know, in this era, where Newt accurately bemoans the "shamelessly one-sided" media, we could have a challenge getting out the truth about the extreme leftism of the Democrats.  Or is there truly any challenge?  We have, among all GOP Groups, $100 million to spend.  By cleverly spending that money, we could inundate the local and national media with enough ads to drown out the stilted "news" coverage, which should be counted as paid political advertising for the liberal liberty-haters.

Newt relates how he was down 51-37% in polls, five weeks prior to a 1978 election, and he swung that election 180 degrees to win 54-46%.  His method?  Accurately informing the electorate of his opponents’ tax-and-spend habits.  There are major issues in this country, right now, that people would flee from Democrats if they were only informed of the positions that the Democrats shamefully hide because they know how awful they are!  Newt lists almost all of them.  I will relist them here:

  • If Democrats win control of the Congress, they will turn the House of Representatives into a witch hunt for Republicans.  The Democrats are full of hate, because they believe that they are better than you are, and they are angry at you for failing to recognize this, and to turn your entire lives over to liberal administration. They will exact the most vicious revenge possible against anyone who loves liberty.
  • If Democrats win control of the Congress, the economy will be destroyed.  Democrats will raise taxes in order to rape you of your hard-earned money, so that they can control how you spend it by forcing you to subsidize, through taxes, programs that have already turned Europe into a wasteland of malaise, and that destroyed the Soviet Union.  The initial consequence of this will be a massive recession, as businesses cut back on everything in order to escape or pay for the oppressive and vicious taxation.  Second, people will opt to jump onto the Democrat-created gravy train of cash, rather than work for a living, and the end result will be deficits that dwarf anything we’ve seen.  Revenues, even on higher marginal rates will fall, and the Dems, showing the widsom of untrained baboons, will further raise rates, spiralling the country into economic collapse within ten years, as the government will only be able to pay entitlements by monetizing them, causing inflation in the triple digits.  The entire country, except for liberal aristocrats, will be enslaved to the government -- the unstated goal of every current Democratic elected official.  This does not even take into account the mind-numbing mass of regulations that the Democrats would wantonly slap onto business, making it impossible for us to compete.  The Democrats hate this country, and would use their power, knowingly or unwittingly, to destroy it.
  • If Democrats win control of the Congress, the United States will live up to the Democrats’ cowardice, and surrender to terror.  Shortly after a Democrat Congress is elected, they would unfund the Iraq war and order the troops home.  They would then order the President to disband every program that protects us from these terrorists.  They would then act as if George Bush is to blame as our cities are pummeled time after time by terrorists, to whom the Democrats would repeatedly suck up, trying to "understand" the attacks away.  Eventually, al-Qaeda would fulfill the "team America" prophecy, get a nuke from Kim Jong-il, and blow it off in a city.  Even a 2 kiloton bomb in Manhattan would make the city unusable for decades and kill a million people, some slowly and expensively.  Now, the terrorists are on their heels trying to beat us in the Mid-east, instead of on the offensive in the Midwest.  Democrats, they would rather see American civilians mass-murdered, than see derogatory comments in European newspapers.
  • If Democrats win control of the Congress, they will ensure that the courts are packed to keep their policies in place by judicial fiat, even if they lose control in the future.  Abortion. Forced euthanasia of Republicans (only half-kidding).  The Democrats’ amcabre fascination with aiding people to murder the most innocent would be unchecked.  We would lose our right to even see a gun.  Court-ordered menu changes at McDonald’s?  Not as bizarre as it sounds.

The Democrats are already talking of this kind of garbage!  Save yourselves and the Republic now.  Vote GOP!  Take your neighbors to the polls and help them get there!  Every Republican has a duty to prevent the calamity of a Democrat majority in either house of Congress!

Unlike the Democrats, I believe that you’re intelligent!  You will act to protect us from the Democrats!  I still pray and hope and expect that we’ll retain both houses, and perhaps may surprise a few by increasing our seat count.