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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Democrats around the country were, a mere two days ago, gloating about their upcoming investment into Congressional power.  Their P.R. division, known also as the American news media, has put forth innumerable polls, all of which portend GOP disaster.  Yet, the polls, when their internals are checked, are horribly skewed, and suffer from such polling anomalies as the ecological fallacy, stilted questioning, and sampling assumptions that bear no connection to reality.  You may think that I am a partisan, and am trying to spin horrible news.  I am a partisan, but I donít spin.  Even if I did, none is needed here.  The light at the end of the tunnel engulfs us.

You can see the Democrats trying to shore up what they hope -- not believe -- are the fruits of their efforts to depress GOP turnout.  Mr. Kuoís book, which tries to cause Christians to skip voting.  The Foley non-scandal, which has so much backfire potential (Dems made a big mistake to portray gay men, a core constituency, as being solely comprised of pedophiles).  Now the Michael J. Fox commercials, in which the actor was given a script that falsely accused Sen. Jim Talent of working to criminalize stem cell research (all he did was to vote against using taxpayer dollars to fund it).  The Dems try to shore up the apathy they think  that theyíve created in the GOP base, with phony promises to refrain from impeachment.  The Dems think that weíre idiots.  Does even one GOP supporter not think that the Dems, if the ultimate Constitutional calamity occurred and they gained control of the Congress, would tick off the Daily Kos gang?  These people want PResident Bush and V.P. Cheney in chains, being led to a death chamber!  They are so full of evil hatred that it governs their lives.  Look at H.R. 635 -- the Impeachment bill has already been introduced by rep Conyers, even though the Democrats have not been elected to a majority of anything!  We are not stupid, but the Democrats act as if we are.  This will backfire.

The trouble now, as is evident from the more-reliable internal polls, is that the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot.  In trying to depress GOP turnout, they ticked off the GOP base!  I donít know any conservative who plans to skip voting now.  I knew a few who were ticked off before these tactics, who were uninterested and apathetic.  Now, they are eager to vote GOP, straight ticket, to send a message to the media and the extreme leftists that control the party of the jack-ass. 

The Dow is increasing slowly, but still at a record high, based on phenomenal economic news.  Federal revenues have substantially increased on lower tax rates, proving our axiom that lower tax rates stimulate prosperity.  Were the Democrats to buffalo enough of the people to sneak into power, we would quickly see the converse of the maxim:  raising tax rates destroys prosperity.

As Laura Ingrahamís show pllays in its opening theme, John Kerry described his partyís philosophy: "We donít stand for anything!"  The people are not stupid.  They know that the Democrats are a party that fears telling you what its leaders believe.  They donít want you to know that their 2008 Presidential front-runner wanted to make it a crime to pay your own doctor for medical services.  They wanted to stick you with a state-run health care system, and viciously punish both doctors and patients with fines and prison time, for dealing directly.  Even England and France donít go to that extreme!  Democrats show, by their actions, that they hate the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  The Democrats, by their actions, have shown that their utopia would be the Land of the Oppressed and the Home of the Coward.

The American people will not vote themselves into totalitarianism.  But the Democrats, in their consummate arrogance, think that the people have already done just that.

Please vote.  Everyone needs to vote GOP, and send the Democrats to the ash heap of history, along with their heroes (Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc).  We cannot allow the horrific calamity of a Democrat holding high office, ever again.  We cannot allow this because that election will be our last free election.