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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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The Vote is On!

In my precinct, I arrived to vote at about 8:55AM.  There was a line of over 30 people waiting to check in.  There were people of all races and ethnicities in the line.  For all of the attacks and vitriol, the line was the opposite.  These people were cordial, making small talk, not a frown in the whole place.  People voted, all people were treated respectfully, no electioneering, everything was smooth even for what the judges say was a gigantic turnout.

I have read some reports about 4000 votes preloaded into voting machines in Philadelphia, other "irregularities," and problems.  All I know is that the people voting in my precinct (Frankfort Township P.31, Illinois) were the pinnacle of good -- no, great -- citizenship.  Perhaps this election, and the termination of the hostilities, will serve as a catharsis for the people.

Others have said that the election will not end when polling closes; there will be a massive legal fight.  I hope, for the sake of the country, that the margins are so decisive that the lawyers find themselves unemployed.  Of course, for the safety of the republic, I favor our President for re-election.  But the topic here is voting smoothly, and I am here to commend the millions of people in tens of thousands of precincts who have voted smoothly.  You have done your duty that you owe to your country.  Your voice is important, and it must be heard to be effective.

The vote is on, and is going, in my view, surprisingly well.