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Pelosi and Reid Vanishing Act -- Why?

The greatest living hero of American conservatism, our Hall-of-Fame member Rush Limbaugh, has consistently mentioned the fact that Nancy Pelosi has been unseen in the media since October 22.  As if this writing, it has been eleven days with no appearance by the person that the leftist-commissioned, leftist-controlled polls hail as the kindly grandma who will be two heartbeats away from the Oval Office, once Tuesdayís votes are counted.  Similarly absent is Harry "Shady Nevada Land Deals" Reid, minority leader, soon to be majority leader, of the Senate, if those same polls are given credence.

Why would these people be in seclusion, huddling in terrified silence, along with disgraceful disgraced John Kerry?  Because they would scare up the GOPís turnout!  Pelosi and Reid, no matter how they are packaged by a sycophantic media, are still ruthless and vicious leftist politicians, who know that the truth of their policies will drive conservatives to the polls in droves.  The leftists have seen the numbers.  They have internal polls that their accomplices in the media donít dare let you see.  These are the polls that let Karl Rove and President Bush sleep at night.  These polls say that the Democrats, with their stand-against-everything-but-for-nothing stance, will not take over the House or the Senate, unless the Democrats appear more moderate.  Hence the GOP runs attack ads noting all of the leftist candidatesí likeness to San Francisco left-winger Pelosi, who gets a 95% approval rating from extreme left vote-raters, yet is considered too conservative by some of the moonbats who sent her to Capitol Hill.

Reid has been associated with Jack Abramoff, lobbyist turned jailbird.  After that, he engaged in a questionable land deal and misreported it to the Congress.  Can you say "questionable honesty?"

At this point in an election cycle, the GOP should have the disadvantage and the jackasses the momentum.  But the situation is reversed.  In Tennessee, Corker has opened a commanding, and God willing, insurmountable lead over Harold Ford, Jr., after Ford insinuated that Republications hate God while Democrats love God.  Michael Steele, the victim of vicious racist attacks from the Democrats (who are, after all the true racists in America), has pulled into a dead heat in Marylandís senate race; this seat going to Steele would be a GOP pickup.  And Mr. Steele has done it by avoiding attack ads, and responding to the vicious lies in the stem-cell Michael J. Fox ad debacle with a positive, upbeat ad, featuring his sister, a doctor with Multiple Sclerosis.  Mr. Steele has picked up the ultimate prize endorsement this week, from the Prince Georgeís County black Democrats (Mr. Steele is a black Republican).  Mr. Steele has often debated his opponent, Cong. Ben Cardin, and cleans his clock with regularity, by tactfully yet forcefully exposing the manís lack of ideas on any pressing issue.

And this is why Reid and Pelosi have vanished.  Some in the press will ask for the wolf bane of modern Democrats:  specifics.  "Ms. Speaker-to-Be, you say that our President has a failed policy in Iraq.  What specifically would you do differently?"  Or, "Ms. Measuring-the-Drapes, you said in 60 Minutes that you would not allow the House to be mired in investigations and revenge-impeachments, yet the committee chairman, John Conyers, has already introduced preliminary impeachment legislation.  What specifically will you do to protect the President from these frivolous investigations?"  These questions would doubtless be answered by obfuscation and silence that would drive all remaining conservative hold-outs to the polls.

This entire election cycle, the Democrats are saying to vote for them because they are against the GOP.  Well, Duh!  They are the opposing party!  They are always against the GOP!  The media, acting as if they were receiving marching orders from Democratic strategists, have manufactured one baseless scandal after another... Abu Ghraib, alleged torture at Club Gitmo, illegal immigration, Social Security scaremongering, Valerie Plameís non-illegal outing by a Democrat operative (not Karl Rove or Scooter Libby), Supreme Court Alito scaremongering, Tom DeLayís kangaroo trial, Abramoff and the "culture of corruption,"  the Foley non-scandal, Michael J. Fox and the stem-cell/cloning lies.  They threw feces at the GOP, praying to their non-gender-specific potential deity that something would stick and keep people from seeing the America-hating, liberty-hating, condescending, snobbish paternalism that the Democrats represent, and allow them to pull one of historyís biggest con-jobs, as big in scope as what the Democratsí philosophical ancestors, the Nazis, pulled off to get Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany.

But, early voting shows that the plan is not working.  The feces slid off.  In the process, the Democrats have created a Frankensteinís monster, in the form of angry, highly-motivated, conservatives.  I am a hostage of a state still under the oppression of the Democrats, Illinois.  But, even here, I see supercharged conservatives masking arrangements to get to the polls.  Instead of depressing turnout, the jackassí efforts have backfired.  Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved and others have argued these points passionately.  They reach nearly 50 million conservatives!  Rush has challenged conservatives directly to vote, with his "cut and run conservatives" parody ad, and his direct challenge to Mr. Foxís advertisement, and his noting that Mr. Fox never read the Missouri amendment he spoke for, for if he did, he would find out that it enshrines human cloning for the purposes of making embryos to be killed for stem cell research -- as a state constitutional right.  Now that ad has backfired, and Sen. Jim Talent has a real shot of keeping his seat.

Today, on Hannity, Newt Gingrich, the second most brilliant political strategist alive after Mr. Rove, went "out on a limb" and predicted that the GOP will retain control of both houses of Congress, sending the Democrats into a "paroxysm of rage."  I agree with President Gingrich (oops, thatís Jan. 20, 2009, hee hee hee); I will join him on his limb.  I think itís well secure enough to hold my fat behind.

To conclude, the Pelosi/Reid Houdini act cannot turn Chicken feces into Chicken soup.  The Democrats are, as the incredibly beautiful and insightful Ann Coulter wrote yesterday, a "dying party."  Annís article was despairing over the calamity that a Democratic Congress would represent -- or it was a brilliant piece of satire posing as pouting.  If Ann intended the latter, then I agree with her.  John Kerry whipped out his, and every other Demís true colors on Monday.  All those who donít agree with Kerry, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of these left-wing moonbats are, in their self-aggrandizing eyes, idiots and morons.  Most people wonít vote for someone who makes it clear that he or she thinks you a moron. 

And in the end, I think that this is Godís salvation for this country.  People see the Democrats for who they are and will simply vote for the GOP, which actually stands for something.

Needless today, you must go out and vote, straight ticket GOP, everywhere.  Otherwise, we will be unable to escape the calamity that these people portend for us.