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Avoiding the Calamity

The election is on.  I have voted.  I do not want the unmitigated calamity of Democrat control of either house of the U.S. Congress. I have therefore voted straight-line GOP.  In my state legislative district, the Democrat ran unopposed; I therefore voted for myself on a write-in basis.  It is now your responsibility to immediately go to the polls and vote GOP, in order to avoid the calamity of Democratic influence over any portion of government.  Why do I say that Democrat influence, or worse, rule, would be a calamity?  Here is why:

Democratic Control means Surrender in the War on Terror.  The Democrats have repeatedly attacked the war.  They seem to think that they can reason with the terrorists who murdered 2,966 people on 9/11.  That attitude is ludicrous.  Terrorists are irrational; there is no rational basis to strap explosives onto oneself and blow up women and children.  This does not advance oneís cause, for the very act is repugnant to people of conscience.  The mere act attempting to reason with such brutes, which is the Democratic "alternative" to our beloved Presidentís bold action, is surrender to these irrational thugs.

If Democrats get control of the House, they will refuse to pass any funding for the war, in order to force withdrawal of the troops.  Withdrawal from this war, where we have not lost a single battle, will be taken by the terrorists as a sign of consummate weakness.  The terrorists will move in and set up shop, Iraq will become a torture pit seven times as evil as when under Saddam, and the terrorists will have a highly-funded base from which to plan, organize and stage attacks on us that will dwarf 9/11.  Remember that Saddam was, according to documents examined by the ultra-leftist New York Times, less than a year from having atomic weapons when we attacked.  Consider also that Saddam was paying the families of terrorist suicide bombers $25,000 each.  Saddam was, drawing all conclusions against our President and in Saddamís favor, an active terror sponsor who was close to having nukes.  This alone justifies the war to unseat him.  Soon, Saddam will be raised up, on the end of a rope.  Until Iraq is stable and secure, we must remain.  Otherwise the Democrats will make things worse.

Democratic Control means Economic Ruin.  Wall Street is foolish to think that gridlock will benefit them.  Without affirmative Congressional action, the tax cuts that saved the economy after 9/11 will reverse, viciously attacking the middle class with tax bills as much as double the present rate.  Democrats, as myopic, socialist and economically foolish as ever, want to dramatically hike tax rates and use the money to refashion the American economy into imitations of the failing European economies in France and Germany, where unemployment regularly exceeds 10% and choking government regulations make even the subsidized businesses non-viable.  For example, Boeing, based in the United States, is now horse-whipping government-subsidized Airbus in the aircraft industry.

The Democrats seem to think that their ridiculous pay-the-poor policies will relieve their woes.  However, the things that they did ruined the poor, tearing families apart and generally contributing to crime and worse poverty.  Lower taxes and lesser corporate ball-and-chain controls help the poor.  As Rush Limbaugh and George Will have duly noted, Wal-Mart, the retailer, has done more to help the poor in the last ten years than the entirety of all "Great Society" programs combined.  The lower prices people pay mean that their standard of living has increased.  Now, Wal-Mart offers $4 prescriptions for certain drugs.  The Democratic response?  Force Wal-Mart to pay higher taxes, force them to raise wages, force them to give gigantic free benefits to their workers.  Needless to say, such a draconian and vicious penalty upon Wal-Mart would, if imposed by law, require Wal-Mart to raise its prices and fire people.  The Democratic solution to something that works is inevitably to break it.

Democratic Control means inaction on Social Security, which needs to be privatized before it collapses.  The calamity of such a collapse cannot be overstated.

Democratic Control means Tyranny of the Judiciary.  If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, nothing at all will happen with judges, unless President Bush appoints all of his judges in recess appointments, or uses other harsh tactics to ensure that his nominees get through.  Democrats want judges who not only will impose their will upon the people with respect to the Liberal Sacrament of Abortion, but also with other issues.  Court-ordered gay marriage, court-ordered tax hikes, court-ordered special rights for illegal immigrants, court ordered liberal agendas.  Liberal judges, appointed for life, will use court orders to rule over us.

Democratic Control means Cheating.  In the same way that liberal organizations, as a regular part of their operations, try to cheat to get undeserved votes, the Congress will come up with ways to let illegals vote, or will do other nefarious things to attempt to make it impossible for the conservative majority to express itself.  Examples include the dissolution of the electoral college, or forcing a stateís presidential electors to, notwithstanding the stateís vote, vote for the winner of the national election (thus completely disenfranchising every small state).

In short, Democratic control means the destruction of the Republic.  If you want to avoid this kind of calamity, you must vote.  You must vote GOP.  You must volunteer to keep the Democrats from doing their usual cheating.  This is the only way to avoid the calamity.