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Calamity Accomplished.

The Calamity has come upon us.  Angry conservatives, who pouted and threw tantrums and stayed home from voting, have put America in grave danger.  The Democrats, notwithstanding a roaring economy (up until now, the stock market is already starting to fall), and the most well-run war in human history, lied and obfuscated their way into power.  The Democrats, and their ultra-liberal agenda, will now be shoved down our throats.  For the next two years, the only thing standing between us and absolute disaster is President Bushís veto pen, provided he can blast off the dust and use it to thwart every single Democratic initiative.  Then again, he will have his hands full with the witch hunts that revenge-bent demon John Conyers will throw at him, including but not limited to impeachment efforts against both him and V. P. Cheney.  Now that Nancy Pelosi is speaker-elect, the Demsí next effort will be to impeach Bush and Cheney.  While these efforts will not result in convictions, they will result in full-blown senate trials and a complete paralysis of our national effort.

And all of this is the fault of every conservative who, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, "cut and run."  These disloyal cretins should have voted.  Instead, they pouted and threw tantrums.  They have enabled Pelosi and Rangel to de-fund the Iraq war.  Every conservative who stayed home and failed to vote for the GOP has effectively murdered every person who dies after the President is forced to withdraw in humiliating defeat.  Every conservative who stayed home and failed to vote for the GOP had effectively emboldened the enemy, who will now come to our shores and will make 9/11 look like an episode of Barney and Friends.  Every conservative who stayed at home and failed to vote for the GOP has effectively taxed the economy into ruin, has effectively made America a very hostile business climate, has effectively ruined the beneficial effects of our Presidentís economic policies.  The Democrats did not win this election, the "cut and run" cowards who hypocritically call themselves "conservative" lost the Congress through their temper fits.

This makes these cowardly cretins worse than the Democrats, and proves that they are every bit as stupid as the Democrats thought they were.  They think that the President will be able to constrain the Democratic Congress?  How will that happen when he cannot get a single judicial nominee through the Senate?  How will the President be able to constrain the Conyers and Pelosi from simply de-funding Iraq?  All they do is kill the appropriations bill in committee, and then there is no money to pay the troops.  This is not ancient Rome, where the counsul simply levies upon foreign citizens to pay his armies.  Unless the United States Treasury sends checks to the troops, there will be no troops.  These idiots who hypocritically call themselves "conservative" have just flipped the bird to the beleaguered people of Iraq.  Al-Qaeda is already planning to set up in Baghdad.  Theyíll break Saddam out of prison the day our troops leave, put him back in power, and wait for him to manufacture nukes to deliver to our shores.  And, because revenge-minded Democrats will kill every single homeland security measure that President Bush implemented by simply de-funding them, weíll be defenseless to these terror attacks.

Am I overstating the calamity?  I actually think I am understating the calamity.  The Democrats will blame President Bush for the terrorism that they will have caused, and will be running Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Who do we have left to run?  George Allen?  He may not even be a senator when the votes are counted!  Rudy Guilani, George Pataki and Mitt Romney are all non-officeholders.  No non-officeholder has won the presidency since Reagan.  Among officeholders, things are bleak for 2008.  Arnold is ineligible to be President; Cheney will not run; Condi seems uninterested.  John McCain is presently in the driverís seat, but he would be the oldest person ever elected President.  He also would not survive the onslaught of a revitalized media against Hillary Clinton.  So we are, because of the cowards who call themselves "conservative," going to lose again in 2008.  Then brace yourselves for Hillarycare II, where you will have to see your government-assigned doctor and face stiff prison sentences and massive fines for trying to pay for your own healthcare.  The 70% tax rate will make a comeback, and the economy will collapse under massive federal programs that an unfettered liberal junta will enact.

For those who say I am overreacting, you underestimate the level of damage that these filthy cowardly pigs who stayed home and did not vote for the GOP did!  The Democrats now control statehouses in red states, where they will enact laws to keep the GOP from regaining power under any circumstance.  I am not talking about mere gerrymandering here.  I am talking about laws to permanently disenfranchise the small states.  An example:  forcing the stateís presidential electors to all vote for the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of the stateís vote.  They can do that in the next two years, and thus lock in the leftist victory for 2008.

If this avoidable?  I donít know.  I do know that I am not going to emulate 2004ís Democrats.  I am not retiring to my bed for three days; I am not applying for asylum in Canada; I am not suggesting that the Republican remnants secede from the United States.  I am, however, actively searching for some way to lawfully beat back this calamity.  Our only hope for some rescue is if either Burns or Allen (pun intended) squeaks by and keeps the Senate from falling into Democratic hands.  Then, we can fire off the Nuclear Option and get our judges in place.  Perhaps, then, with a Senate that has GOP control, we can thwart most of the insanity.

What we cannot do, however, is force the Dems to fund the war on Terror.  Afghanistan and Iraq are mere months away from becoming al-Qaeda training camps.  The cowards who stayed home and did not vote for the GOP have probably toppled Pakistanís government as well, and ensured that Musharraf will hang from a light pole and radical terrorists will take control.  The Dems cannot continue to fund this war; they will lose their base if they do.  That is that.  They have to surrender.  Their base wants surrender.  If the Dems lose their base, then two years from now the GOP is in power.  That may be our hope.  If President Bush actually prevails upon the Dems to think of America, and protecting this countryís people from mass murder, and gets them to continue to fund the war, we may then be rescued, depending on the price that the Dems exact for this consideration.  This could put the Demsí base into a paroxysm of rage that causes everything to flip back to decency.  But, Dems are not stupid.  They will want major concessions for this.  Our President is, because of these cowards who stayed home and did not vote GOP, forced into a Hobsonís choice:  a bloom of vicious terrorism worldwide (including here), or some onerous economic program that will destroy our prosperity.

So these filthy cowards who "cut and run," who stayed home and did not vote for the GOP, are 100% to blame for the calamity that they have accomplished.