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The Nightmare Begins...

Last Tuesday, cowardly conservatives sealed this countryís doom by staying home and not voting GOP.  The leftist media has spun this boycott-anomaly-vote as a rejection of conservatism and an embracement of leftism.  And the Democratic leadership, after making some mock-conciliatory gestures, is getting ready to place all Americans under the bondage of huge government, crushing taxes, military cowardice worthy of France, and a hamstrung intelligence apparatus.  Donít believe me?  Well, letís examine the last few daysí developments.

First, incoming speaker "San Fran" Nancy Pelosi has thrown her support behind cowardly "surrender in Iraq" John Murtha for majority leader.  Murtha wants to run from Iraq, and should know from his military service that doing so will certainly cede Iraq to al-Qaeda.  Such a development will place this nation into grave danger, but to Leftists, that is OK as long as they get elected.  This is to be expected, after the leftist blogs expressed dismay and anger over the mere notion that Pelosi met with President Bush and was cordial.  They are demanding results on Iraq and on the witch hunt to destroy our President.

John Conyers, leader of the witch-hunt factions in the House, has commented that he has too many targets to pick from to commence his subpoena wars.

Chuckie Schumer has already publicly stated that the President ought to start sending "moderate" judicial nominees to the Senate.  However, to Chuckie, "moderate" means "extreme leftist."  Schumer hates both Sam Alito and John Roberts, who have turned out to be outstanding in their short tenures on the Supreme Court.  Chuckie wants judges who will allow abortion on demand to the moment of birth (abortion is the Sacrament of the Left, as Rush properly advises us).  He wants judges to order the people to accept such morally repugnant things as gay marriage, although the vast majority of the public does not want it.  He wants to have judges in place who will enforce by dictatorial judicial fiat the tenets of his utopian nanny-state; thus, if the left is voted out of Congress they will still have control over our lives.  Justices Roberts, Alito and others, who refuse to impose their personal views upon the law, stand in his way.

And now, the consummate nightmare.  Hillary Clinton wants to revive her horrid healthcare plan, just as I have predicted numerous times.  She even taunts us with the words, "It may be a bad dream for some!"  Will our President, who has wielded his veto pen less than any other President in history, grow a spine and start vetoing these extreme laws?  One can only hope and pray.

So our national nightmare has already begun.  The only hope that we have is that the cowardly conservatives who did not vote get their spines back.  But that is only half the battle.  After that, we need to count on the Democrats overplaying their hand.  If they go gung-ho to the left, the people will not tolerate it.  In the Senate, the GOP stalwarts need to band together and filibuster every offensive bill.  Then, the GOP needs to regroup, under a conservative leader, and return to the conservative principles that won them the Congress in 1994.  GOP congressmen were wimpy and did not stick together to prevent big spending and ridiculous expansions of government intrusion in our lives.  They reaped the whirlwind.

So our Nightmare begins.  Letís pray that it will only last two years.