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An Olive Branch -- In Our Faces

If you will remember from 2004, Michael Moore called the middle of America "Dumbf*ckistan" for re-electing President Bush and increasing the GOP majority in both houses of the Congress.  At that time, Mr. Moore placed his corpulence squarely into the "immature fit" category of extreme socialist leftists, those who wanted to secede the "blue states" from the rest of the country and form a new liberal utopia, those who wanted to apply for refugee status and move to Canada or Europe.  Now the Democrats, through a combination of cowardly conservatives who did not vote, and congressional candidates who ran as conservatives, have placed their extreme leftist leaders into power.  Mr. Moore, gracious as ever, wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, which has been carried in numerous newspapers nationwide.  Although the article was portrayed an an "olive branch," that only applies if one takes a large olive branch, sharpens one end, and relentlessly pokes oneís victim.

Mr. Moore gloats about the Democrat victory as if the conservative movement were permanently slain.  He then makes a twelve-point pledge which reeks of haughtiness and in-your-face celebration.  The only things missing were the actual "nyah nyah nyah" words within this direct slap.  I originally planned to address Mr. Mooreís 12 points, written in the first person plural, e.g.. "when we bring our troops home...," but I then remembered that Michael Moore is a fat filmmaker and not an official at any level of government.  The man has no power except that given to him by moonbats who believe his fictional "documentaries."

Therefore, for us to waste any time addressing what Moore writes, point-by-point, is absurd.  Instead, I have a better idea:  Organize!  We need a series of wholly conservative 527 groups, or better yet, one gigantic 527 group, to raise an insane amount of money, perhaps $10-50 billion.  Take the $10-50 billion and spend it educating people about conservatism from two points:  1) Why conservatism works; and 2) Why every single tenet of liberalism is bad for America.  Explain in detail.  The people are smart enough to get it.  This takes about $2-5 billion, leaving $8-45 billion for the task of slating solid conservatives in all 435 house districts, and in all open senate seats, and all open governorships, and funding them to the hilt.  I would like to see $50 million per seat minimum, and $500 million in the presidential primaries. 

If you shoot for the sun, you may get some stars.  With complete education and a complete vigorous campaign to unseat every RINO in both houses of Congress, and to replace them with solid conservatives, this 527 could easily reverse the losses of 2006 and make 2008 the year that conservatives actually have real control.  A new vision of personal freedom, decency, and complete obliteration of all things leftist would be attainable.  The left could never match our billions, should we be able to raise them, and could never match the content of our message, if solidly reasoned and well-presented.

We should create a new Contract with America.  We should execute upon it.  We should take our resources to show the world the ridiculousness of the Michael Moores of this world, and how their logic will destroy us all.  And we should use the 527 to keep the newly-elected conservatives from "going native."

Specifically, we should pledge that any conservative who strays from conservatism in any way will see the 527ís billions turned against them, and a new, reliable conservative seated in his or her place.

This is ambitious.  It is difficult.  We need organization and money, lots of it.  The faster it is raised, the faster we can commence work.  We should be choosing candidates right now to unseat every leftist, RINO and Democrat from every seat they hold.  Then we can see how much Michael Moore gloats when we restore the personal freedom that those of his ilk have been continuously stealing for decades.