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Jerry Falwell Receives his Reward

Jerry Falwell has died at the age of 73.  For those on the left who are celebrating his death, they do not understand what they celebrate.  They think of Dr. Falwell (he does, after all, hold three honorary doctorates) as a  intolerant bigot who could not accept differences in others.  They think him intolerant of homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex and pornography.  Having personally witnessed Dr. Falwell’s effect on the United States, and seen his spirit, the man had no intolerance in his spirit.  For these reasons, namely his faith in Jesus Christ, and the fruit that faith bore in his life, I say with certainty that Jerry Falwell has gone on to a spectacular Heavenly reward.

Jerry Falwell took God at his Word, which is a great proof of God’s reality considering his athiest upbringing.  He did not judge people, because Jesus commanded him not to do so.  However, Jesus commanded him to speak out against sin, which includes the aforementioned homosexuality, abortion and pornography.  The man preached the Gospel of the Lord.  He did not advocate outlawing homosexuality, to my knowledge, he did not advocate outlawing pornography.  What Dr. Falwell did advocate was repentance.  His message, as given to him in the Bible, in whose inerrancy he trusted to his great eternal benefit, was the same as Peter in Acts Chapter 2:  Repent (change your ways) and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. 

Because of Dr. Falwell’s faith, he selflessly took on PTL ministries after Jim Bakker’s scandalous fall, and tried to keep it running as long as he could.  Because of Dr. Falwell’s faith, he started an institution of higher learning, Liberty University, where true conservative values were cherished and not derided.  Because of Dr. Falwell’s faith, he started a church that is presently blessed with over 22,000 members.  Because of Dr. Falwell’s faith, he founded the Moral Majority, and was a founder of the conservative revolution that the Left cannot figure out how to thwart.  Dr. Falwell was perhaps the single biggest force that elected Ronald Reagan to the White House.  Dr Falwell was perhaps the single biggest force that took a dozen seats of the U.S. Senate and switched them to the GOP, resulting in a Supreme Court that actually gives credence to the Constitution, and is no longer a force for evil in the land.

Dr. Falwell was not enamored of living the high life.  Nor was he enamored of himself.  He loved Jesus Christ and it radiated out of his every pore.  For Dr. Falwell, to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Today, he got his gain.  As I type this, that which made Jerry Falwell into Jerry Falwell sits in Heaven, reaping his eternal reward.  So let the Left excoriate the man for suing Larry Flynt.  Let the Left excoriate the man for holding true to the Bible no matter what.  Let them rave on; Jerry Falwell does not care anymore; he is with Christ where he belongs.

Conservativity extends its deepest sympathies to the Falwell family on the temporary loss of companionship of a great father and a great husband.  The Falwells, however, do take solace in the fact that the day will certainly come where they are reunited forever.  The scoffers received Dr. Falwell’s prayers during his lifetime on Earth, and I am certain that the Falwell family continues to pray for them even now.