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Conservatism is Alive and Well -- Victory over Illegal Immigration

We have spoken.  Our Senators heard us.  With the exception of some of the "country club" RINO crowd, and the addition of some sensible Democrats, we have prevailed and the Immigration "wink at lawlesness" bill has failed.  This disgusting "keep the borders porous and reward opportunists who flout our laws" legislation caused our President to effectively call his own constituents racist, xenophobic and effectively stupid.  What the White House did made me lose trust in the President.  For the second time, George W. Bush allied himself with Teddy "Give me a Scotch while I destroy this country" Kennedy, but, this time, the conservatives cracked down and the bill died. 

More and more, the conservative window dressing has blown off this presidency.  Conservatives have to keep cracking down.  Dubai ports deal, crackdown.  Harriet Miers (who I admit supporting, and I also admit the error of said support), crackdown.  Immigration "wink at lawlesness", crackdown.    Note that I did not use the "Amnesty" buzzword.  The word amnesty lacks the epithetic force that is needed in this circumstance.  These people are lawbreakers who broke our laws simply to get money.  The love of money is the root of all evil.

I recently wrote my two senators, who are -- gulp -- Durbin and Obama.  Here is what I wrote:

I write to voice my strong opposition to any legislation that would allow residency or in any other way wink at the criminal acts of those who have illegally entered the United States of America.  Our President is wrong about this issue, and any Senator or Congressperson who votes in the affirmative in this issue is equally wrong.


Illegal aliens are not victims – they are opportunists who seek fortune in the United States.  Once they decide to flout our laws and enter this country, they become a dramatic drain upon our resources.  Furthermore, as a consequence of their opportunism, these illegal aliens engage in crime after crime in order to keep their hand in the American public till.


The only victimhood these people may suffer is through other lawbreaking unscrupulous employers, who seek to cut costs (and quality) by hiring these people.  These people, to stay in this country, engage in identity theft and document forgery in order to work.


I strongly resent the implication made by our President and others that people who feel that illegal aliens’ illegal conduct ought not to be winked at are xenophobic or racist.  I have no problem, for example, if Congress were to, in order: (i) build a strong border protection system; (ii) eject those who have violated our laws; and (iii) raise the immigration quotas by 1000%, or even eliminate those quotas altogether.  What I do insist upon, as a voter who will be voting when you come up for re-election, is that those who break our laws to enjoy our prosperity be ejected forthwith from the United States of America.


Three of my four grandparents were immigrants – legal immigrants.  My paternal grandfather, Peter Tamburo, considered his Bible and his citizenship certificate to be his most treasured possessions.  At his passing (prior to my birth, in 1948), he was hailed in the Des Moines Register as one of the “pioneers” and “leading citizens” of Des Moines, Iowa.


For Peter Tamburo, and every other person who loved and respected the United States of America enough to obey its laws, I ask you to vote against this bill, which, in its essence, vomits upon the memory of these hard-working people who knew what it meant to honor our laws.  In my opinion, no person who loves America could ever wink at the repeated flagrant unlawful conduct of opportunists.


I firmly believe that the vast majority of U.S. citizens agree with me.  This is why some are standing firm in the Senate to prevent this disgusting travesty of a law from being enacted.


On the contrary, the senator(s) who support strong border protection legislation, including security measures at places where illegals cross, barring wire transfer of money in any amount to any foreign country unless one has a valid and verifiable Taxpayer ID number, and long prison sentences for the executives of companies that knowingly hire illegals, will find themselves the beneficiaries of voter appreciation.


As the recent episode where a meat processing plant was purged of illegals shows, lawful workers to fill the jobs stolen by illegals abound.  Now, that plant has to pay its withholding taxes on employees, and cannot pocket those taxes and fail to report the employees’ existence.  Strong immigration enforcement is beneficial to us all.  I repeat that I have no problem with eliminating all immigration quotas, as long as we eject lawbreakers and screen incoming persons to avoid disease and security risks.


As your constituent, I ask and expect that you will vote to defeat this horrendously ill-advised legislation

What is most, encouraging, however, is the resilient conservatism in this country.  When I imagine a horrific Orwellian America, twisted into the refined evil that the Democrats desire above all else, where people are prevented from realizing their dreams by a draconian power-hungry government, I am comforted by the fact that Conservatism has repeatedly thrashed these evil liberals’ attempts to ruin everyone’s lives.


I pray that we can galvanize behind a true Conservative in 2008, and sweep him or her into power, with the resulting benefits for freedom and prosperity in this great nation.