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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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The Winking at Illegal Immigration Will Stop

Today brings wonderful news.  Just as it appeared that Teddy Kennedy, and his RINO buddies McCain, Lott and Graham, were about to shove a bill that richly rewards millions of opportunistic scofflaws down our throats, the fractious coalition of Senators had heard enough.  Today, two senators defected to the good side.  Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Sen. Kay Hutchison (R-TX), both previously supporters of this atrocity, have announced their opposition to "amnesty."  Hurrah!

Those who wish to reward those so greedy and impatient that they used our immigration laws as toilet paper have been dealt a severe blow.  It is evident that convervatives nationwide have identified this horrific, disgusting, atrocity as a target that must be eradicated.  I stand firmly with my compatriots on this issue.  Now, I understand that the newest variation of this compromise will avoid all form of rewarding these criminal opportunists until the borders are secured.  Thatís a compromise.  Should conservatives stomach such a compromise?  I think not.

Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, this country is Conservative at its essence.  No amount of Federal-money-stealing left wing radio shows that fail will change that.  Even the efforts of Senators clinton and Boxer to impose Stalinist controls to shut up Conservatives on Talk Radio cannot change our nature.  Except for liberals, this country is filled with innately sensible and decent people.  No amount of defamatory accusations of racism and xenophobia can change the truth.

We want our laws respected.  The notion of rewarding lawlessness is hateful to any decent American.  Those who use the word "Amnesty" to describe this fail to use an adequate epithet.  I like "Shamnesty" by Michelle Malkin more, it it still fails to grasp the totality of the evil of this proposal.  Any bill that fails to deport every illegal alien richly rewards contempt for our laws.  What kind of citizens will these people make?  Disloyal ones.  Some would go as far as to permanently bar every person who entered this country illegally from ever re-entering it.  I donít know about that, but I have some compromise suggestions:

  1. All people who want to be legitimized must perform one full tour of duty in our Armed Forces, and swear allegiance to this country prior to enlistment, or oneís spouse must do so.  At the end of the full tour of duty, if the candidate is honorably discharged from the service with no hits on his or her military record, citizenship would be the immediate reward.  OR
  2. All illegals who used a phony Social Security number to obtain work must pay the victim $10,000, the United States $10,000, and must leave the United States for a minimum of six months. OR
  3. All illegals who used phony documents to work must pay the $10,000 above and, instead of leaving the United States, must testify in Federal court against their employer(s).

The idea is to ensure loyalty by making the scofflaws make up for their misdeeds.  Learning English and paying a token fine is woefully insufficient.

It is high time that we stopped winking at these scofflaws coming over the border.  As a grandson of three legal immigrants who worked hard and obeyed our laws, I owe it to my ancestors to ensure that we do not reward those who want a free ride on the coattails of those fine hard workers.