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The Ideal Presidential Candidate

Some politicos are predicting that Hillary Clinton can beart anyone the GOP could throw at her.  At this point, she does look very formidable (excuse me while I go to the restroom and vomit).  We have no truly Conservative candidate that has announced for the White House.  Freed Thompson seems to be a lock to announce soon; however, he has negatives.  Today, however, I came across an article by Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard that made me wonder if there should be one more candidate for President:  Americaís Most Popular Governor.  Her name is Sarah Palin, and she is the "rookie" governor of Alaska.  She cuts budgets with a Grim Reaperís scythe.  She put the stateís overpriced jet on eBay to dump it and refuses to fly it.  She is a happily married mother of four, and is a pro-life Conservative Christian.  To top it all off, she has an approval rating that hovers between 89 and 93 percent!

Positives:  Sarah Palin is physically very beautiful, earning the somewhat-indecent acronym "GILF" (Governor Iíd like to [censored]) from  She is athletic, and helped her high school basketball team to a state title.  She has a reputation for extreme integrity, and in fact uncovered ethical violations in Alaska government when she ran the oil and gas conservation commission.  She is well-spoken, congenial and optimistic.  Governor Palin is a card-carrying member of the NRA, and is married to a former dog sled racer.  She is staunchly pro-life.  She makes it a point to publicly keep her campaign promises.  She works with the legislature and offers it respect.

Negatives: Governor Palin is young.  She is 43 years old.  Alaska is a small state, and her style so far has been taken harshly by the GOP establishment of the state.  After unseating the unethical politician, Sarah Palin left office and then turned around and ran hard against incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski, and won.  She may not be the darling of GOP super-delegates if she were to announce.  Governor Palin supports keeping marriage between men and women, but also strongly supports gay rights, and has signed into law measures that the legislature has passed.  Governor Palin may have been deferring to the legislature; but that may mean that she is just a little too Whig to get much done in the Jungle that is D.C.

Suggestion:  Failing a disaster, Fred Thompson is the likely GOP nominee.  If Sen. Thompson wants to bolster his base and ensure a massive turnout, then he should nominate Governor Palin as his running mate.  A strongly conservative GOP ticket such as that one would make a stark contrast to the abject socialism of the near-inevitable Clinton-Obama ticket.  Governor Palinís kindness to the gay populace portends to split that increasingly-large voting bloc.  Further, a young, vibrant, smart, able Vice President with unassailable integrity will reduce the Left to epithets in order to attack her.  Finally, the people would see a Vice President Palin as someone who could immediately step in if a President Thompson were to become ill.  In 2016, Governor Palin will only be 52 years old, and would make an outstanding Presidential candidate, with all of the experience necessary to excel.

Given eight years in DC to hone herself as VP, Sarah Palin could become the first female President, and do this fine country proud.