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Obama for the Democrat Nomination.

Itís been a long, long time since I have written.  The personal chaos that beset me is abating; I now pick up the quill and again start to wax eloquent upon politics in America.

Conservativity endorses Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States of America.  You may ponder why weíre endorsing any Democrat, considering that weíre a conservative online magazine/blog.  Simply put, the GOP needs sharpening.  Hillary Clinton, who may yet cheat her way to the Democrat nomination, offers the GOP no challenge that would cause us to refine our message or even define our positions as we approach the second decade of the new millennium.  If we face Mrs. Clinton, we can merely yell, "vote for McCain or get another Clinton,play The Imperial March in the background, and drive 50% of the electorate to vote for Mr. McCain.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, offers flowery rhetoric coupled to leftist ideas that weíll have to think through and thoroughly rebut.  Mind you that I believe that everything Mr. Obama -- the leftest-leaning member of the Senate -- offers is thoroughly rebuttable.  His nomination will drive us to a campaign based on issues and not on ad hominem.  The GOP will be forced to go to the issues, and only the issues, to beat the man.  The other side will cry, "Racist!" if we attack Mr. Obama personally, and this is a good thing. 

We need to sharpen our message.  The calamity wrought upon us by a mere 12 years of Congressional majority is of our own doing.  We outspent the leftists while in power over the Congress.  The party elites, who are no less socialist than the effete effeminate snobs who comprise the Northeastern Bluebloods of the GOP, essentially turned the Congress from a payday for Democrart leftists to a payday for Republican leftists.  Barack Obama promises more outrageous spending, in a time where the economy is at real risk of collapsing under its own weight.  We need a truly conservative budget slasher in the White House.  Is John McCain that man?  Obviously not.  He will choose a super-conservative running-mate (preferably Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska), and coalesce the votes he needs to win in November, provided he debunks Mr. Obama.

John McCain, while I admire his war record, is a person for whom I will grudgingly vote while holding my nose.  But, he will be in a position to debunk the man only if we get our message together.  I would personally take a cue from the Clintonsí playbook: "Itís the economy, stupid!"  In this case, turn the argument against Mr. Obama.  We donít need more spending, we need to eliminate as much spending, government and taxes as possible.  Defend our shores, maintain protection and order at home, administer the courts, and keep up the infrastructure.  Everything Else Must Go!  If Mr. McCain gets on that message and stays there, we win in November.  If he puts someone like Sarah Palin at his side (if she will consent to run with him), a person who is the most popular state governor in our history, he could grow some decent coattails and regain one or even both houses of Congress.

Regaining power depends on message, and our maintenance of power depends on integrity.  Mr. Obama projects both; for us to win we must also do so, and better.