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McCain is the Target Now.

And how long did we all think it would be before the liberals would turn on their darling, GOP apparent nominee John McCain?  Did we think that it would never happen?  Not if we were sane.  Why did the press support McCain for the GOP nomination?  Because they thought that McCain would demoralize conservative voters and give the socialists in the Democrat party, who they sycophantically adore (for the press, like the Democrats, favor totalitarian rule where the government controls all).  Now, however, they have the RINO candidate they want, so it is time to attack him and pummel him to help Obama or Clinton take over America.  Hence this article in the February 28, 2008 New York Times.  In essence, they are questioning McCain’s eligibility to hold the office because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, on a military base, to military parents.

The Constitution sets three requirements for a person to become President of the United States: (i) The person must have attained the age of 35; (ii) the person must be a "natural born citizen" of the United States of America; and (iii) the person must reside continuously in the United States for 14 years.  The Times focuses on the geography of McCain’s birth and not on whether he was an American citizen at the time of his birth, which almost all Constitutional scholars agree is the standard that the Constitution specifies.

This is a non-issue, unless McCain starts to pull away in the general election race.  Then you should expect some leftist group or another to raise the issue in a lawsuit, in order to cloud McCain’s support and swing the election the other way, or, if some whacked-out semi-communist judge sides with the Democrart party, to force him off the ticket and cause disruption and potential loss of electors if the ballots cannot be amended in time.

Legally, I think McCain is safe.  It’s ludicrous to think that someone born on an American military installation to two citizens of this country would be ineligible to be President, while the "anchor kid" of two illegal aliens would.  John McCain may not be my first choice to be President of the United States.  In fact, I’ll vote for him while holding my nose.  I hope that he nominates a good conservative governor to be his running mate; again my favorite is Sarah Palin of Alaska.  If something were to happen to McCain, she would be an outstanding President.  If this ludicrous McCain attack were to hold water and McCain were driven off the ticket, Governor Palin could express our outrage appropriately and galvanize the party into a force that would deliver a strong win in 2008.

So, Senator McCain, pick a truly excellent running mate, you may need that person even before you’re elected. that is, if the America-hating socialists at the New York Times have anything to say about it.