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Debunking Hillary's Big-State Argument

Weíve all read the papers.  Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are decrying Barack Obama as unelectable in November, because he has not won enough big states.  Mind you that, in the end, he won the delegate fight in Texas, and he has won Illinois and Wisconsin outright.  The big-state problem is a red herring.  Do you actually think that Democrats in Ohio and California will stay home in November because Hillary is not on the ticket?  If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn Iíd like to sell you.

Barack Obama has energized the core of the Democrat party.  He appeals strongly to the extreme left, who realize that he is the most liberal Democrat ever to run for the White House.  He wants to run like a scared puppy from Iraq, and engage in some serious posterior smooching with known terrorists worldwide.  He is the worst kind of liberal, one who actually believes his own partyís line.  This makes Mr. Obama not cynical, but rather ignorant.  The "progressive Democrats" -- a term that sits at the pinnacle of oxymoronism -- love Mr. Obama because he sounds like them, but with sincerity, and with oratorical skills to make it believable and plausible-sounding.

Thus, when (not if) Mr. Obama is nominated, he will pick a female non-Hillary running mate and go for the pot of gold, keeping the same message he has had from the start.  He will "dance with who brung him."  Why would Democrats in the big states unanimously cede the White House to John McCain, who has deftly veered to the right to shore up his base, and a strongly conservative running mate like Sarah Palin (yes, I will keep on posting her name until she is the VP nominee -- I donít care that sheís eight months pregnant right now; she is the best possible running mate, and would make an outstanding President in her own right)?  Can you imagine the N.O.W. endorsing a strongly pro-life ticket (Mr. McCain, for all of his weaknesses does a decent job of protecting helpless unborns from murder)?  So what do they do?  Sit out the general election?  Heck no!

The Democrats in the big states will vote for Mr. Obama because his name will appear under the red, white and blue jackass.  Bigoted Democrats, those KKK / Nazi types who like to con the populace in general into thinking that they support the GOP, may actually vote against their beliefs, or more likely, vote for another totalitarian like Ralph Nader.  But, in the end, Mr. Obama will give Mr. McCain one heck of a run for his money.

Will Mr. Obama carry enough of the little states that got him nominated to overcome Mr. McCain?  My guess is no.  The election will come down to Florida, just as in 2000.  However, this time, Mr. McCain will have the clear advantage because of his age and heroic war record.  If Mr. McCain sharpens his message to refute Mr. Obamaís policy deficiencies, as we have suggested, he will build a new GOP majority for the forseeable future.