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Obama's Running Mate will NOT be Hillary Clinton!

Some Democrats, in the light of the meteoric rise of Barack Obama, openly predict, more as a function of hope than actual prognostication, that he will choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate.  Mark my words:  IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  Barack Obama most likely has a short-list of running mates, and Hillary just is not on it.  Hereís why:

  1. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton hate each otherís guts.  Mrs. Clinton hates Mr. Obama for daring to be popular enough to deny her that which she deems to be her divine right:  the Presidency.  Mrs. Clinton was the "inevitable" successor to George W. Bush, a gigantic legend in her own mind, who would parlay sympathy over her husbandís pathological adultery into eight more years of the mega-disaster that is Clintonism.  Mr. Obama hates Mrs. Clinton for using race as a blatant weapon against him.  Mr. Obama sees this as racism; he is correct.  Furthermore, Mr. Obama, who, barring a blatant theft of the nomination, will be the Democrat nominee, knows that Mrs. Clinton is anathema to his constituency.  As much as Obama would be an "Uncle Tom" for laying down and becoming Hillaryís running mate if she stole his nomination, he would suffer the same fate if he were to make her his #2.  He would be seen as buying peace by kow-towing to racists.  Mr. Obama has a brain; he knows how to use it, and he will not make this mistake.
  2. There arenít enough eyes to cover Mr. Obamaís back if Hillary is the VP candidate.  Hillary wants to be President, not #2.  She would look at the nomination as a setup for 2012, and would sabotage Mr. Obamaís campaign in order to take a shot at Mr. McCain in four years.  To Hades with the other Democrats, Mrs. Clinton only cares about her own avaricious lust for absolute power.  There would be no power for her as VP in an Obama administration; she would be ceremonial window dressing.  Mrs. Clinton is likely to stab Mr. Obama in the back, regardless of who is looking.
  3. Party bigwigs fear such a radically non-traditional ticket.  A black man and a woman on the same ticket is too hard for the electorate to swallow, so goes the thinking among Democrat big-wigs.  Said thinking is racist and/or sexist.  I personally think that they are very wrong.  However, the bigwigs will have Mr. Obamaís ear, especially as superdelegates cast in with Mr. Obama and he "owes" them for getting him past a Clinton nomination-theft attempt. Mr. Obama will be pressed to choose a Southern White Male as his running mate.  Yes, I think that the "male" part of that statement probably disqualifies John Edwards.
  4. A Senator should not choose a Senator as running mate.  Far from being a "dream" ticket, a senator/senator ticket approaches the realm of the nightmare.  There is no executive experience anywhere on the ticket.  Has anyone noticed that Mr. McCain is speaking to governors (Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin) and the Secretary of State?  Mr. McCain is not the only one who will go the way of the wise in this matter.  Mr. Obama will be looking at governors.  Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, although she breaches factor 3 above, is one name.  Bill Richardson is another, Even Bayh is a third name.
  5. Mr. Obama would inherit the Conservativesí loathing.  Conservatives loathe the Clintons.  They are the Anti-Patriots; self-serving and self-absorbed oligarchs who live as if their right to power supersedes Divine will.  Mr. Clinton sullied the office of the President more than anyone else who ever held it; decades will pass before the stain is removed.  Putting this manís wife, who enabled his lechery, into that hallowed office would sully it even more.  Conservatives throughout the country would turn out to vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton, whatever position on the ticket she would occupy.  This is the terrifying thing to the Democrat party.  Mrs. Clinton already has a "never vote" negative rating of 50%.  That means that she cannot win the popular vote for the presidency -- ever.  Mr. Obamaís "never vote" number is closer to 20%, on different demographics.  A ticket with a combined 70% "never vote" rating suffers a landslide defeat.  conservatives would vote for an actual elephant for president, if it were the GOP nominee, rather than Obama/Clinton.  And Mr. Obama knows it.

All of these factors militate against an Obama/Clinton ticket.  It is not going to happen.  Now we have to step up to our A game and refute Mr. Obama on the issues.  Imagine that!  An election where we get to use our brains!