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Democrat Party living up to both its name and its Symbol

"Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner." James Bovard

In Illinois, recently named Tony Rezko co-conspirator Gov. Rod Blagoievich signed a measure that mandates that Illinoisí presidential electors vote not for the winner of the stateís popular election, but instead for the winner of the national popular vote.  This enactment is conditional upon many other statesí ratification of substantially identical laws.  This is a designed effort to thwart the Constitutionís electoral system.  I have written before about the Electoral College, noting that it exists to preserve the rights of small states, and strongly opposing direct national elections on the ground that small states, and their populace, would be disenfranchised.  I maintain that position.

Mr. Bovardís graphic quote set out above, often mislaid at the mouth of Ben Franklin, is usually cited in the context of Second Amendment gun rights, and often appended with the clause, "Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the results."  However, I cite it to show precisely why we are not a Democracy, as I wrote in our very first article.  The Founders intentionally chose a Republican system of government, and explicitly provided for same in the Constitution.  Since that wondrous day, the Democrats and their ancestors (who trace back to the despotic Andrew Jackson and not to the Great Founder Thomas Jefferson, who would retch at the present form and state of the nation he helped to build) have strove to eliminate all shades of Republicanism, and create a tyranny of the majority, whom they buy off with ridiculous government handouts in the guise of a "safety net."

This evil and unconstitutional elector scam is an example.  If the socialist Democrats can sell their extreme left-wing slop to enough urban voters in New York, Chicago (regrettably the city of my birth has been captured by people who identify far more with Marx and Stalin than Washington and Adams), Los Angeles and Seattle, they can win a popular majority and silence the voters of all of the other states.  Remember in 2004 that George W. Bush won a majority of counties in all of the "blue states" except Hawaii, and a majority of all of the states.  He won in 2000 by winning more states, the forgotten member class of the United States of America.  There is a reason that the Founders envisioned a minority of the popular vote still able to elect a president.

In that day and age, Virginia was what California is today:  Big, powerful, populous.  A Unicameral Congress would have left the rest of the country at the mercy of Virginiaís whims; that one state seated a near-majority of the House of Representatives.  Therefore, the state legislatures of all the states would each get to appoint a pair of senators, as a check on Democracy run amok.  The Electoral College was created in the combined count of the house and senate, purposefully.  The reason for doing so was specifically to give smaller states a louder voice, to prevent the majority from doing as it wished and neglecting the minorityís rights.  Now, the Democrat party seeks to do that to the American people by skullduggery and dishonorable circumvention of the Constitution.  Why?  Because they cannot raise enough of a majority to actually amend the Constitution.

What the Democrats can do is this: (i) Get enough voters to vote for their lunacy to eke out a slim overall popular majority; (ii) lose far more states than they win; (iii) lose far more counties within states than they win; and (iv) Use this unconstitutional law to force states that voted otherwise to cast their electors for the state loser.  If this law were in place in 2000, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas and other states where Mr. Bush won handily would have had to force their electors to vote for Al Gore!  This is the ultimate anti-Republican, anti-Freedom measure.  If it is enacted and withstands court challenge, no small state will have any say whatsoever in who will be President.  Liberals will campaign with promises of lavish and unaffordable giveaways, propped up by huge punitive taxes on those who are the most productive, and win landslides in the major metropolitan areas.  Those other areas of the counrty will be shut out of Presidential politics.  And this is what the Democrats want, because their extreme leftist lunacy does not play well in the heartland, where people are sensible and can balance a checkbook and can smell dishonest payoffs a country mile off.

We must fight for our Republic.  Democracy is the most oppressive of tyrannies, yet the media, whose employees for the most part buy into the evil lunacy of the Left, continually uses the term "Democracy" in reverent terms, when that is not what the United States is, or has ever been.  On the day when pure Democracy rises, the rights of the minority will be voted away.  I conclude with a quote actually from the mouth of Mr. Franklin:

"A Democracy will vote away its rights.Benjamin Franklin