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Barack Obama is Honest, and Honestly Horrible for America!

Barack Obama has been quite open and honest, at least relatively so in the realm of  Democrat politics.  He made a remark about race, and followed it up with a brilliant speech on race.  When his connections to Tony Rezko portended to sully his then-pristine reputation, Mr. Obama sat down with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, a newspaper that is moving steadily away from the left wing as Sam Zell cements his ownership and leadership of its parent company.  The Tribune sessions were no-holds-barred, and Mr. Obama answered all questions calmly.  This shows the man is more honest than your run-of-the-mill Democrat operative, and an order og magnitude more honest than Mrs. Clinton.  Recently, Mr. Obama made a statement in Pennsylvania, over which there has been a chaotic reaction.  Hereís what he said, referring to small-town people, presumably in adverse economic conditions:

ďAnd itís not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who arenít like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

I believe that Mr. Obama honestly meant every word of what he said.  I believe that Mr. Obama is not skillful enough to pull the wool over the populaceís eyes.  He deals honestly like Harry Truman did, but he honestly holds beliefs that are horribly out of the mainstream of what Americans actually believe.

I believe in God, strongly and fervently, and in Jesus Christ.  I do not believe because I need to cling to the Lord out of "bitter[ness]."  I am not poor, thanks be to the God in whom I trust.  My relatives who have many guns are not arming themselves out of bitterness or fear of those who "arenít like them," but because they like to hunt, shoot skeet, practice at targets, and most of all to protect themselves from criminals and tyrants.  I donít oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for those who have committed the crime of sneaking into this country because I am "bitter" or antipathetic "to people who arenít like" me.  I oppose it because: (i) These people enter illegally because of avarice -- greedy desire to get money; (ii) These people must commit crimes to earn the money they seek, exposing them to extortion and exploitation; and (iii) These people generally take more out of American society than they contribute.

Mr. Obama honestly believes that faith (what he calls "religion") is the product of class envy -- a sin!  Yes, class envy is evil:  "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbourís house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbourís wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbourís."  -- God (Exodus 20:17).  This attitude is honest on Mr. Obamaís part, but it is honestly horrible for America! 

Mr. Obama is an elitist extremist liberal.  He will not repudiate the killing of babies born alive in botched abortions -- such an act is an actual murder, but Mr. Obama endorses it!  The same goes for "partial birth abortion," which is, again, a last-second murder that is cloaked as a therapeutic procedure by the deceptive act of leaving the childís head in the birth canal before it is violently murdered by debraining with a vacuum tube.  Mr. Obama turthfully and honestly lets us know that he does not value the lives of babies unless the parent(s) want them.

Mr. Obama honestly expressed, in the above quote, his confusion as to why the heartland votes issues other than economic selfish interests as primary.  People will vote against their own interests, and sacrifice their own interests, in order to protect babies from murder, or marriage and the family from further immoral corruption.  Not everyone views a government handout as a high goal in his or her life.  In fact, those who expect the government to hand them a living are in the minority.

Ann Coulter, in an article she penned shortly after the 2006 elections, posited that the 2006 Democrat mid-term victory was, "the death throes of a dying party."  At the time, I was unsure of her theory.  Now that statement is starting to look like prophecy.  Operation Chaos is tearing the Democrat party asunder, while Mr. McCain relaxes and prepares detailed strategies to win in November.  But I digress.

Mr. Obama has honestly told us how he feels.  I know that I must be a bitter xenophobic Gun-happy wacko, but Jesus Christ gave us sound advice on honesty: "For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart." -- Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:34).  Barack Obama is honest, but he is honestly horrible for our country.