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Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

The phrase "chickens coming home to roost," made into a national controversy almost 45 years ago by Malcom X, got some media play when attributed to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who also invoked our Holy Lordís damnation upon the United States of America.  However, in 2008, the phrase most aptly describes the consequences of the Democrat partyís policies of pandering and payoff.  The end result is that, in late April, one can reasonably predict that no Democrat has a chance to win the presidency, and further, the Democrat majorities in the houses of the Congress could be eradicated.

How is this possible?  When the primary season began, the Democrats were preparing to surf a perceived "sea change" in the electorateís preferences right into the trifecta of a house majority, a 60+ seat filibuster-proof Senate majority, and the White House.  The GOP were said to be demoralized, with a cadre of presidential candidates that could engender no better than a yawn.  Yet now, the Democrat party is in turmoil, with a grueling primary fight that has exploited every Democrat weakness to its maximum.  Moreover, since one of the pugilists is Hillary Clinton, one can be certain that this fight will endure all the way to the convention.  Our mighty hero Rush Limbaugh, commander of Operation Chaos, has exacerbated Democrat problems by openly advocating that crossover voters vote for Mrs. Clinton, to "bloody" Mr. Obama before the general election.  The end result of this maelstrom of oddball Democrat policies plus the ridiculous mixture of pure democracy and oligarchy that is the Democrat Presidential nominating process, plus the impetuousness of the Florida and Michigan legislatures, plus the GOPís deft handling of the Democrat implosion, are the chickens coming home to roost.

What chickens, you ask?  Well, letís start with the balkanization of the Democrats.  The elitists have effectively clung to Mr. Obama, whose own snobbish remarks have put down the working-class Democrat constituency.  On the other hand, both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have engaged in some not-so-subtle racism, flouting the long-standing loyalty of the African-American constituency.  Further, Mrs. Clintonís efforts to steal the nomination portend to permanently sever the African American constituency from the Democrat party and give the GOP long-term power.  Right now, about 25% of each candidateís voting bloc will refrain from voting, or vote for Mr. McCain, rather than for the other Democratic contender.  Mrs. Clintonís arrogant offer of the Vice-Presidential nomination to the front runner drew angry rebuttals from very high ranking Democrats, including Tom Daschle, former Senate majority leader.  The animus between the candidates makes any sort of a "unity ticket" impossible.  Chickens come home to roost.

If Mr. Obama wins the nomination, Mr. McCain will quietly and efficiently dissect the man as the extreme leftist friend of 1960s-era terrorists and an adherent to a liberation theology that, at its core, hates America.  Mr. McCain will win that angry 25% of Mrs. Clintonís base, meaning that a GOP White House retention is ensured, and the Democrat majority in the house is in jeopardy.  If Mrs. Clinton steals the nomination, Mr. McCain will garner 25% or more of a highly depressed African turnout, and grow coattails long enough to win back the whole Congress.

What about Rushís "Operation Chaos" suggestion that the Democrats broker someone else into the nomination?  There are already prominent calls to draft Al Gore.  Such an outcome, regardless of who was the nominee or the running mate, would make Mr. McCainís, and the GOPís, life into a living Heaven.  Remember that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton cater to different demographics.  The Democrats would lose the angry 25% of Mr. Obamaís base, plus virtually all of the African American vote.  They would, in addition, lose Mrs. Clintonís angry 25%.  Mr McCain would seal the deal by nominating Sarah Palin or Condi Rice, to glue the angry 25% of one or both of the present candidates to his coattails.  Democrats would be marginalized for 30 years.

This situation is, simply put, the chickens come home to roost.  The Democrats patched together every leftist wacko group that exists in America, in order to form a fractious coalition of animal rights activits, environmental wackos, extreme never-use-the-Army-to-fight-anyone pacifists, pro-abortion-until-birth-and-sometimes-after nihilists and others.  They then attempted to graft this coalition of not-so-compatible groups onto the totally-incompatible groups of African Americans, and union laborers (whose goals of more work and better wages/benefits are diametric to the commerce-hostile environmental and AR wackos).  When the weld didnít take, the Democrats used government handouts as a glue to attempt to hold their constituency together.  Thus, they turned most of their own constituents into spoiled brats who want everything to be 100% their way.  Thatís impossible, not only in 2008, but in any election cycle.  The chickens have come home to roost.

2008 was supposed the be the Democrat Renaissance.  Instead, it is the harbinger of Democrat doom -- for decades.