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Stock Market Tanks on Strong Kerry Exit Polls, but they're skewed!

UPDATED 11-2-04 at 14:17CST:  Matt Drudge has reported that the exit polls tilting toward Kerry are skewed.  They are composed of 59-41% women, when in reality only 52.4% of the electorate is women.  Women, especially single women, tile Kerry.  The stock market was well over 10,100 earlier today, as they started to get the feeling that our President would win.  With the first wave of exit polls, out about an hour ago, that seem tilted a tad toward Kerry, the market has been sliding.  The Dow was hovering around 10,010 and weíre in negative territory.  Why is the stock market so terrified at the prospect of Kerry as President?  Simple.  More taxes, less security, recession, diminished sovereignty and a potential disaster for the republic.

Personally, I am nervous but upbeat.  George Bush is peaceful and confident.  He has better data than me; yet he is relaxed and I am here biting my nails and praying that W wins.  Hannity is on the radio now, making the salient point that we can quash these polls and embarass the pollsters by voting!  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida!  Please vote now!

This is not over.  Weíre in the second quarter, but there is no halftime break.  We have to push and take the ball into the end zone, or better put, the ballot into the box.  Even if you are not in a swing state, Vote!!  If you want Bush to continue fighting terrorists, Vote!  If you are in New Jersey, the state is in play!  Vote now!  If you want to defeat the Kerry teamís election stealing plot with people registered in two states, or 22 times in the same state, Vote!

You are the difference.  Treat yourself as if you were the single deciding vote in this election!  Please vote now!  Vote Bush, Vote now!

SCOOP:  We initially reported this 21 minutes earlier than the venerated C-BS.{ABE5761D-4D75-46E4-83F1-CBA162AE4E4F}&siteid=mktw is the URL that proves it.