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Clintonesque Lies About the ''Popular Vote''

This weekend, the Clinton campaign has started touting the supposed fact that Hillary Clinton now leads Barack Obama in the Democrat primary popular vote after her nine-point win in the Pennsylvania primary.  This audacious claim has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese after Mafia hitmen took it out.  Nonetheless, this snivelry and tripe has been spouted both directly and via sycophantic puppet mouthpieces such as Michael Barone of the US News and World Report.  There is, however, a catch:  Mrs. Clinton is lying.

In order to gin up the number that she is touting, Mrs. Clinton is counting all of the popular votes cast for her in Florida, where the candidates, by agreement, did not campaign after the DNC lopped their delegates from the slate for the stateís flagrant disregard for the partyís scheduling rules.  Worse, Mrs. Clinton is counting all of the votes cast for in Michigan, also lopped by the DNC, but with one more caveat: Most of the Democrat candidates, except Mrs. Clinton, but including Mr. Obama, voluntarily removed their names from the Michigan ballot.  This means that Mrs. Clinton is counting cheat votes.  She left her name on the Michigan ballot when all others removed it, as a stratagem in case she needed to appeal to the Democrat mantra of "one man one vote" to vanquish an uppity opponent, like Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Clintonís creative math is no less than offensive.  If she counts only Florida, where the outcome was not rigged as it was in Michigan by her cynical maneuver, she still trails Mr. Obama in popular votes.  Her counting takes crass advantage of Mr. Obamaís good faith in removing his name from the Michigan ballot.  Clinton worshippers such as Mr. Barone carefully crafted their words to conceal Mrs. Clintonís skullduggery.  Mr. Baroneís single sentence mention of Michigan and Florida does not even admit that Mrs. Clinton is counting the votes from those two states, in essence, cheating to make a non-existent point.  Mr. Obama acted in naive good faith by removing his name from the Michigan ballot.  His naivete shows from the large, rusty, crooked Clinton dagger protruding from his back.  It is consummately naive to assume that the expressions "Clinton" and "good faith", or "Clinton" and "decency" or "Clinton" and "humanity" could ever peacefully coexist on an entire planet, much less a sentence.

Mr. Obama leads a count of all fairly cast popular votes.  Counting the Michigan vote is a tactic reminiscent of Saddam Hussein, or Hitler, or Stalin.  this is unsurprising since, tactically and ideologically, Mrs. Clinton is a true disciple of Saddam and Hitler and Stalin.  I am outraged that another Clinton is sullying and tarnishing this country.  My only solaces are: (i) This will end before the Democrat convention; and (ii) John McCain will move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2009.