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The Chaos Lives On!

I work a day job in Information Technology for the finest company on the planet, bar none.  This morning, we had a software release, requiring me, as a senior manager, to be in at 3:30AM.  I therefore slept instead of following the election results.  This is a very good thing, for had I turned on Fox News for a minute or two before going to bed, I would still be at the TV, and likely jobless.  My good friend Rush Limbaugh would have inflicted the same chaos on my life that he has inflicted on the Democrat party.  Were it not for Operation Chaos, the race for the nomination would be over as of now.

Instead of Mr. Obama pulling a breathtaking upset in Indiana and sweeping the night, he lost a nail-biter there.  In North Carolina, Obama country, he won by 14 points, which is more than some expected but certainly less than others expected.  Mrs. Clinton, in an arrogant victory speech, tried to play up her win, but in her heart, she knows that the only reason she won Inidana was because conservatives crossed party lines en masse and voted for her nomination.  Mr. Obama is strengthening his core, which is the wine-and-brie liberal crowd, and of course, Afriscan-Americans.  Mrs. Clinton, however, even with Chaos help, has been losing support.  This seems to give the lie to the notion that Jeremiah Wright, the hardcore racist black activist who is moving into a rich white gated community in Tinley Park, Illinois, is hurting Mr. Obamaís chances.

At this point, Mr. Obama should be the presumptive nominee.  However, the Chaos-fueled victory in Indiana gives Mrs. Clinton a nice thin thread to hang onto.  Being stubborn and tenacious, she will do so, fighting Mr. Obama in an effort to rip the nomination from his grasp on the convention floor.  Even if Mr. Obama gets the magic "2,025" delegate count, she will go to the convention and try to force defections.  Chaos, Chaos, Chaos!  Mr. Limbaugh will proudly and gleefully light up a hideously-expensive ciger, kick his feet up on his desk, and issue his most apt "See I told you so" in a long, long time.

Let me repeat:  The only reason that Hillary Clinton was not defeated in Indiana was Operation Chaos.

Senator McCain should start ordering the new draperies for the Oval office now.