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Today I read an article by an admitted contrarian, giving a convincing demographic explanation of a real possibility for Hillary Clinton to actually win the Democrat Presidential nomination.  After reading the article by Jay Cost at RealClearPolitics, it became clear to me why other things were happening as they were.  Read the article here.  Of what do I speak?  For starters, the Obama team is slamming the street hard in an effort to rally superdelegates to Mr. Obamaís side and close out Hillary Clinton rapidly.  The media, in full-flush sycophancy, is pressing Mrs. Clinton to quit her campaign.  Nonetheless, she is doggedly staying in the race, being characterized as a stubborn sore loser who is attempting to torpedo Mr. Obamaís well-earned nomination.  I am one of those characterizers.  I am also one who realized that the masterful Rush Limbaugh, with his brilliant Operation Chaos,  has changed the shape of this nominating contest.  Without a doubt, Operation Chaos has successfully kept Mrs. Clinton in the race through June 3, and plausibly through the convention.  And Mr. Cost has explained how Mrs. Clinton may just go into the convention with more popular votes than Mr. Obama, without counting the cheat votes in Florida and Michigan.

This possibility -- and it is no more than that -- is enough for the Chaos to continue.  I write this about 90 minutes prior to the May 9 edition of the Rush Limbaugh program.  I do not pretend that Mr. Limbaugh will exhibit "Conservativity echo syndrome," for he is as intelligent as I am and will see the opportunity for marching orders here.  He will continue the Chaos in order to increase the possibility of a floor fight.

This possibility is an explanation why Mr. Obama is making the full-court press for Hillary to quit now.  Itís an explanation why a sycophantic Obama-lusting press is touting the contest as over.  What they are doing is trying to make Mr. Costís contrarian vision impossible by doind exactly what he posits could destroy the possibility:  depress Mrs. Clintonís turnout in West Virginia and Kentucky, where she could easily blow out Mr. Obama by over 20 points per state.  If she does this for those two states, plus Puerto Rico, and she is not herself blown out in Oregon, she has the possibility of obtaining the contrarian result of going to Denver leading in the popular vote, without counting the cheat votes.

The contrarian logic of Operation Chaos is the explanation of why this possibility exists.  This primary season is full of contrarian developments.  Will Mrs. Clinton cheat Mr. Obama out of his nomination?  Will the Chaos continue?  The possibility is there!