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Conservatism and the "Bait and Switch"

I respect the Great One, The all-seeing, all-knowing, lovable little fuzz-ball, the one and only Maha Rushie, Commander-in-Chief of Operation Chaos, Rush Limbaugh.  He is the great founder of modern conservatism, and remains the chief spokesperson for our movement.  He has advised that the GOP, which has recently been lambasted in the press as a "brand" that is ruined, should try running as Conservatives.  Unfortunately, I only half agree with the Great One.  Yes, we should run as Conservatives.  However, we should only do so if we actually are Conservatives.

That is why the people threw us out of Congress, on our keesters, in 2006.  Instead of sticking to our guns and forcing the Democrats to sit and pout as we privatized Social Security and tripled the retirement pay of our seniors, we cowered in the corner and passed leftist tripe, such as the prescription drug coverage boondoggle.  Instead of helping the people be more self-reliant, the GOP-led Congress tried to make them more government-reliant.  The base hated this, and the leftists did not appreciate the pandering, for we did not pander enough.  Again, when the GOP flouted the Constitution to pass the McCain-Feingold garbage, the base looked on.  It is no surprise that, in 2006, after the shock of 9/11 wore off, the GOP base stayed home in droves.  Moreover, Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel fronted Democrat candidates for Congress that lied by acting like conservatives, getting elected by deception and coming to Washington and voting as leftist as their effete colleagues and spitting upon their constituents.  That should be good enough to get them tossed, right?  No! 

Instead of fielding true conservatives, we field panderers with elephant logos instead of jackass logos on their buttons and signs.  Is it no wonder that people have become cynical?  If we want to win we most not only run as Conservatices, we must be Conservative.  Otherwise we are as much the liars as those Democrats who played conservative to grab onto a Congressional seat, and we deserve to lose.  Leftists donít want a wishy washy leftist and more than conservatives want a wishy washy Reaganite.  To every GOP candidate for any office:  either you are a solid Conservative or you are a leftist.  Pick a side and stick to it!  If you do that, youíll have integrity.